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Father's Day – What My Children Taught Me

Author: Libby

Fathers teach us so much when we are growing up. We decided to reach out to some of our Ambassadors who are dads and ask them, what have your children taught you about fatherhood? Here are their answers. (Have tissues handy)
No one ever simplified my life more and complicated it as much at the same time as she did. It’s the deepest love I ever felt and the largest project I’ve ever had to undertake and there’s not a thing I’d change. It’s such a wonderfully enriching experience. – Sylvester Zawadzki

Photo credit: My wife, who takes pictures with her heart first and worries about technology second… I’m still learning this skill.

I have 2 daughters, and one is graduating this weekend and then heading off to college for a career astrophysics.  The younger one, at 14 looks to be interested in make-up and likes to help with photo shoots.  Each is such a unique person and has their own motivations and interests. It is astounding how different they are from each other, yet them both retain a bit of mom and dad.  I really enjoy watching them grow up and take their own paths. – Scott Detweiler

My first son, Peyton, who is now one-year-old, has taught me so much in such a short period of time. Too much to list here. But is a constant reminder that health and happiness are of utmost importance in life. – Patrick Smith
Photo by Katie Panos Smith (my wife)

When asked by Printique to write about what I’ve learned along the way of Fatherhood , I thought what could I possibly tell them, so I thought about it and came up with this, being an adopted child and growing up with  family that opened its home and heart to me, I to wanted to love my child as unconditionally as my father did me, I made mistakes and lot of them, the saying ” When you have kids I hope they are double the trouble you were” was said a lot, so here I am raising a 14-year- old boy, and I think to myself what has he taught me?  He has taught me the importance of love, forgiveness and what it is like to be young again. Not a day goes by for me that I don’t look at him and remember holding him and feeding him.  It’s hard to think that 14 years goes by so fast. Love your kids while they are young , and while they still want to be around you. Enjoy Father,s Day – Troy Schroeder
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Thanks to all the dads out there this Father’s Day.