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Meaningful Gifts to Congratulate the Graduate

Author: The Printique Team

Graduation is a HUGE life milestone. It’s not just about receiving a diploma; it’s about acknowledging years of hard work, growth, and achievement. One of the best ways to honor graduates is through thoughtful gifts that commemorate their journey.

Lay Flat Graduate Photo Books

Senior Portraits

By now, a majority of Senior portraits have been snapped and shared but have they been printed? Senior portraits typically showcase the graduate in a number of different outfits from casual to formal. Why not take all those photos and put them into a lay flat photo book to gift the aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas. You could also make a copy of the photo book in the editor, leave lots of white space around the photos and make it into a sign-in guest book for the graduate’s party.

Through the Years

Another idea, is taking a trip down memory lane and putting it all together in a hardcover photo book. These books not only capture moments in time but also tell a story of the graduate’s journey. Showcase the years documenting science projects, competitions and sports, achievements and adventures with friends. This book is designed as a keepsake for the graduate.

Social Photo Books

If you’re unsure where to start when it comes to printing photo books for your graduate, turn to social media for inspiration. Their instagram feed is likely a compilation of their favorite moments, whether they’re scenic shots from trips, adorable snapshots of pets, or photos with friends.  Now with the Mobile Easy Books, it only takes seconds to create a photo book from their favorite social photos.

Framed Prints

Cap and Gown

Is there one graduation photo that is your favorite? You know, the one with the graduate with a big smile in the cap and gown. Give this moment life and a spotlight by printing it out and framing it for the home. We offer dozens of different style of framed prints to compliment anyone’s home decor. From natural and traditional to more modern and eclectic, there is a frame for every type of decor.

Dorm Room Decor

Now for a surprise for the graduate, as they move on, why not make a special keepsake of their favorite artwork or snapshots for their new home. It’s a step in your graduate defining their own aesthetic and home.

Graduation Announcements

In today’s digital age, receiving a card in the mail is special. You can either build your own through our easy to use design editor or you can choose from several of our pre-designed templates. There’s a power in the tangible that can’t be replicated through a text or email. You can customize the shape of the graduation announcement as well as the feel of it with three different types of finishes. The announcement should be as unique as the graduate.

Gift of Creativity – Gift Cards

If your graduate has a creative spirit, why not let them work their own magic with a Printique gift card? A gift card allows them to select the photographs they want to print and choose how they want to showcase them. This empowers them to curate their own space, print memories you might not have photos of, or dedicate the gift to a specific creative project that ignites their passion.

By giving your graduate a sentimental gift that reflects their cherished memories, you’ll not only celebrate their accomplishments but also send them off with a heartfelt reminder of the beautiful journey they’ve already had as they get ready for their next adventure.