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Layflat Hardcover Photo Books

Layflat Hardcover Photo Books


Preserve your memories in a premium lay flat, hardcover photo book. Mark a once-in-a-lifetime special occasion or tell the story of a baby’s first year by creating a hard cover layflat photo album with 80+ text styles and multiple cover styles. 


For video tutorials Click Here.


Minimum 10 pages, maximum 100 pages. There is no limit to how many photos you can place on a page or spread.


Cover Bleed is .25 inch on all outer sides (excluding spine). For example; a 10×10 front cover should be designed at 10.5 high x 10.25 wide (bleed only off the right side). Full cover design (back, spine, and front) should be set at 10.5 high x 20.5 wide (plus the width of the spine which varies by page count). The easiest way to confirm a size is to start a book project at the size and page count you want, then place a box and check the size in the properties tab.


Inside pages are printed at the actual size of the book (10×10 book should be 10×10 page or 10×20 spread) then it is trimmed approx .125 in on all sides. Design to actual size and keep important information and details away from the sides.


Hardcover Photo Books are printed on Silver Halide Digital C (real photo paper).


All Printique books and albums are made with Deluxe Layflat binding.


Gift boxes are available.

Our Difference

We only make the highest quality seamless layflat books. Our Layflat Hardcover Photo Books are printed on Silver Halide Digital C (real photo paper). The cover is thick and the pages are heavy.


We ship using USPS or UPS. Our most popular shipping method is Economy shipping however you have the option to expedite delivery. We also offer white label packaging, if you wish to remove Printique’s branding from your package. Pickup is available at our location in Brooklyn as well as at our parent company Adorama, in Manhattan. Unfortunately, due to frequent damage, we only ship to the US and Canada.

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The Printique Promise

We stand by everything we produce, and nothing is more important to us than your complete satisfaction. Learn more here.

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personalized for you

Your story, your way. We provide the tools for personalization, empowering you to create products that resonate uniquely with you.

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fast shipping

We prioritize prompt delivery without compromising on our high standards. Your order is processed efficiently to reach your home swiftly.

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made in NEw york

Our products are crafted with precision in our workshop in the Heart of Brooklyn. By choosing us, you support local craftsmanship.

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Go Beyond the Lens with Printique

Quality Designed for a Lifetime

Printique’s hardcover photo book selections offer the ultimate long-lasting memories. Designed to stand the test of time and handle aging, water spills and more, each book is as durable as it is delightful. Run your hand along the glossy exterior, and you’ll see its premium quality for yourself.

Physical Memories in a Digital World
In a world that’s becoming increasingly digital, there’s still some magic in holding your memories in your hand. Put aside the device and power down the battery. Pull out a shiny hardcover photo book and relive your memories instead. Who needs a high-definition screen to remember special moments when you have a premium-quality, precision-printed photo book? Share your highlights with a friend over coffee and a hardcover photo book for an infinitely more intimate experience than a digital photo blast.

Pass Your Photographs Down Through the Ages

One of the most beautiful things about a photograph is its ability to transport you through time. Relive your greatest moments time and again, or share them with a loved one. Reminisce with your spouse about the unplanned little moments of your wedding day during an anniversary celebration. Laugh about days gone by over childhood photographs during a birthday party. Remember the best and worst of your adventurous summer vacations to warm you up during a housebound winter.

No matter the occasion, photographs can bridge the past and present in one moment. Share each story with your child or grandchild, and keep a little life in each moment that’s passed.

Hardcover Photo Albums Make Meaningful Gifts

Bring a smile to your loved one’s face with a collection of your favorite shared memories. With a hardcover photo album, they can reminisce about special times you’ve built together. Graduations, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries are just a few of the countless opportunities to give a timeless gift to someone you love.

Keep Memories Safe With a Hardcover Photo Book
With a hardcover photo book, each priceless memory is just the flick of an album cover away! Relive each special moment as many times as you’d like with your custom photo album. Printique offers hardcover photo book printing to ensure that each picture comes together with care and the highest precision. Whether you’re commemorating a wedding, a graduate’s childhood or any other special occasion, our hardcover books will help you do so in style.

Any questions about Printique products or your hardcover photo book order? We’d love to help you. Simply fill out a contact form and let us know what you need. Our customer service team will reach out to you shortly to help resolve your problem.