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Take Fireworks Photos Like a Pro Using Your iPhone

Author: Nikita Singh

Your phone is always with you, so of course, it makes sense to use it for capturing the Fourth of July fireworks. Let’s go over some tips to help you achieve the best results in fireworks photography. Here are five tips for photographing fireworks using your iPhone, plus some advice on printing your stunning shots at Printique.

1. No Flash

This might seem like common sense, but it’s important: turn off the flash. The flash on your phone won’t reach the fireworks, so it won’t help and might actually ruin your shot. By disabling the flash, you allow your camera to capture the natural beauty of the fireworks without unnecessary glare.

2. Stabilize It

Stabilize your iPhone as much as possible. A tripod is ideal, but if you don’t have one, improvise. Use a cooler, a car, or any stable surface to eliminate camera shake and movement. This is crucial for achieving the best camera settings for fireworks, especially when you’re aiming for those long exposure fireworks shots.

3. Burst Mode

Fireworks photography can be tricky due to the timing. Use Burst Mode to take multiple photos per second by holding down the shutter button. This way, you increase your chances of capturing the perfect shot. After the fireworks display, review your photos and pick the best ones.

4. HDR

Activate the HDR (High Dynamic Range) function on your iPhone. HDR takes multiple photos of the same scene with different exposures and combines them into a single image. This is excellent for fireworks photography settings because it captures more details, including light trails and the vibrant colors of the fireworks.

5. Don’t Zoom

Avoid using the digital zoom feature on your phone. Unlike a camera lens that allows you to zoom optically, digital zoom simply enlarges the image, reducing quality. For the best results, get closer to the action physically rather than relying on zoom.

Additional Tips for Camera Settings for Fireworks Photography

Manual Exposure: If your iPhone allows it, manually adjust the exposure settings to ensure the fireworks aren’t overexposed.

Lock Focus: Lock the focus on a distant point to keep the fireworks sharp.

Use a Remote Shutter: If possible, use a remote shutter or the iPhone’s timer feature to reduce camera shake further.

Print Your Fireworks Photography with Printique

Once you’ve captured some spectacular fireworks photos, it’s time to print them. Here’s how to ensure your photos look their best when printed:

Choose the Right Paper for Printing Fireworks

Metal Prints: Provides a high-gloss, reflective sheen with a pearl-like finish, perfect for making the colors of the fireworks pop.

Glass Prints: Offers vibrant colors with a subtle texture, adding depth to your photos.

Glossy Photo Paper: Similar to metallic paper but without the silver base, maintaining true-to-life colors with a high-reflective sheen.

At Printique, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality paper to showcase your artwork. Ready to print your fireworks photos? Head over to Printique Photo Papers and choose the perfect paper for your masterpieces.

By following these tips on how to take pictures of fireworks with your iPhone and choosing the right printing options, you’ll be able to capture and display stunning images that truly stand out. Happy shooting and printing!