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WE CREATE with Printique: The Power of Female Photography

Author: Nikita Singh

We recently had the privilege of hosting a remarkable gallery show that brought together powerhouse female photographers to celebrate their art and their invaluable contributions to the world. WeCreate with Printique featured an impressive lineup of talent from various facets of the photography world, each bringing their unique perspective and creativity to the forefront.

Together, we celebrated the art of photography, highlighted the strength and creativity of female photographers, and inspired our community with powerful visual stories. 

A Vision of Empowerment and Inclusivity

Our vision for WeCreate with Printique went beyond merely acknowledging the remarkable talents of women photographers. It was about fostering empowerment and inclusivity, creating a platform where these artists could shine, and their voices could be uplifted and heard. By celebrating their achievements, we aimed to pave the way for future generations of women to pursue their passions fearlessly and boldly.

Professional Photographers from the Greater NYC Area
At WeCreate with Printique, we were honored to showcase the work of seven exceptional professional photographers, each renowned for their distinctive style and artistic vision. Our featured photographers included:

Lara Jade
Lindsay Adler
Susan Magnano
Anya Anti
Limor Garfinkle

Femme Identifying Artists Selected by Lindsay Adler
Through our Open Call initiative, fashion photographer Lindsay Adler handpicked four talented femme-identifying artists from the local NYC greater area, bringing fresh and inspiring perspectives to WeCreate with Printique:

Sezen June
Kreshonna Keane
Heather Nigro
Marcelina Sowa

Rising Star Photographers from Brooklyn
Also, we celebrated the work of two Brooklyn-based rising star photographers. Their innovative and captivating works promise to shape the future of photography:

Emily Odd

The lineup (above) featuring all thirteen featured photographers.

The lineup (above) featuring all thirteen featured photographers.

WE CREATE with a Mission

One of our core missions here at Printique is empowerment through photography, print and art. Celebrating women artists is not just about their exceptional skills; it’s about recognizing and fostering their strength and resilience. Each photograph on display at WeCreate with Printique was a testament to the unique perspectives and stories these women bring to the world. 

Lindsay Adler, one of our featured professional photographers, shared her experience of starting out in the world of photography. She recalls the challenges she faced due to gender bias. 

“When I graduated college and moved to NYC, I set out looking for opportunities to assist or intern. I repeatedly ran into instances where I was told point blank that they wouldn’t hire me because I was a woman—whether it was because they expected heavy lifting, or had a ‘protective’ wife, or a myriad of other reasons. This is not to say that all successful male photographers had the goal of excluding women. But it seemed that the opportunities I sought were often met with substantial resistance. For that reason, I do my best to support women and minorities through my internship and assisting opportunities.”

Lindsay’s story underscores the importance of our vision for WeCreate with Printique. By providing platforms for female photographers, we challenge the barriers they face and promote a more inclusive and supportive industry. Lindsay’s dedication to empowering others is a testament to the spirit of our event, highlighting the need for continued advocacy and support for women and minorities in the arts. At Printique, we celebrate these efforts and remain committed to fostering an environment where every artist can thrive.

On opening night, Thursday, May 9, we welcomed our community to witness the gallery show. The event was not only a celebration of individual talent. It also celebrated community and collaboration. By bringing together artists from different facets of the photography world, we created a space where ideas could be exchanged, and creativity could flourish.

By shining a spotlight on the achievements of these incredible women, we aimed to inspire future generations to pursue their passions without hesitation. Whether through photography, movement, or design, these artists demonstrate that creativity knows no bounds and that every voice is valuable. Their diverse perspectives enrich our cultural landscape and serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of gender equality in every aspect of society.

Our show was a mosaic of diverse voices, each contributing to the rich tapestry of our cultural landscape. By featuring photographers from various backgrounds and levels of experience, we highlighted the importance of inclusivity in the arts.

Our sponsors, including Atelier Eva Tattoo Studio, Studio Pilates Brooklyn, Joann Amitrano Jewelry, and Brooklyn Dance Lessons, played a crucial role in making this event a reality. Their support underscored the collective effort required to foster a culture of empowerment and inclusivity.

WE CREATE for You 

Come check us out! We’re open to the public until June 20. Visit us on Mondays from 9am to 5pm, and Thursdays from 9am to 7pm.

Each of the women featured in WeCreate brings a unique perspective and exceptional skill to their craft, contributing to the rich tapestry of visual storytelling. From capturing stunning portraits to creating evocative landscapes, these photographers have pushed the boundaries of creativity and innovation. Join us as we take a closer look at their journeys, achievements, and the impact they have made in the world of photography.

1. Susan Magnano

Susan Magnano‘s artistry shines brightly in the darkness as a photographer, explorer, and educator. Renowned for her expertise in light painting, long exposures, and night photography, she pushes the boundaries of visual art. Starting as a photojournalist, Susan transitioned to shooting events and portraits. With over 25 years of experience, she is an award-winning photographer and respected educator. Susan shares her innovative techniques through her Photo Adventures, combining her love for photography and travel. She has collaborated with the Food Network, Tribeca Film Festival, and is an ambassador for Benro USA, Nanlite, Nisi Optic USA, and AOAM.

2. Lindsay Adler

Lindsay Adler is an award-winning photographer, director, and world-renowned photographic educator. Based in New York, she has worked with iconic beauty brands and high-end editorial publications. Known for her clean, bold, and graphic style, Lindsay uses her best-in-class crew to push creative boundaries. She has authored five books and holds the title of Canon Explorer of Light. Her work is featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and more. Lindsay is a sought-after educator who has taught hundreds of thousands of photographers worldwide.

3. Lara Jade

Born in Staffordshire, England, Lara Jade began her photography journey at fourteen, influenced by self-portraiture and conceptual photography. After moving to London and transitioning to fashion photography, she eventually settled in New York. Lara creates timeless, emotive imagery inspired by feminine strength, unique beauty, and lasting style. She currently resides in the NY area and travels regularly for assignments, working between NY, LA, and London.

4. Monaris

Monaris is a photographer with a passion for visual storytelling. As an Adobe Lightroom and Sony Ambassador, she has developed a distinct creative style focused on composition and color theory. Her work transforms brief moments into movie-like scenes, showcasing authenticity and humanity. Monaris’ work takes her worldwide, from documenting Rio de Janeiro’s Carnaval to the Americana charm of the Midwest. She has partnered with prominent brands to create unique visual stories.

5. Anya Anti

Anya Anti is a New York-based, internationally published, award-winning photo artist specializing in on-location conceptual female portraiture. Originally from Ukraine, she moved to the USA in 2014. Anya’s self-taught photography journey began in 2010, and she uses her art to tell imaginative stories through dreamlike sets, symbolism, and metaphors. As a workshop instructor and speaker, Anya has taught in various countries and for brands such as Broncolor, Adobe, and Nikon. She has showcased her work at exhibitions globally.

6. Misshattan

Misshattan, a New York City native, captivated social media with her daring photography. Known as the “Queen of the Sky” by the Huffington Post, she combines travel with thrilling aerial viewpoints. In 2019, she traveled the world, visiting destinations like Hong Kong, Thailand, and Japan. Misshattan left her finance career in 2013 to pursue photography full-time, enchanting fans with stunning images that evoke wanderlust and highlight beauty from unique angles.

7. Limor Garfinkle

Originally from Israel, Limor Garfinkle moved to New York City after her military service with the IDF. While earning a degree in communications design, she worked as a Production Studio Coordinator and Senior Art Director. Limor began her photography journey as a wedding photojournalist. She then transitioned to shooting global ad campaigns and commercial spaces in NYC. She currently shoots interiors for companies like Spotify and Warner Music Group and works on her “Comedians” photo series in her free time.