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Tuesday Photography Tips || Engagement Photography Inspiration

Author: Libby

Spring engagement sittings are now in full swing. The reason why couples take engagement photographs is for a number of reasons including to get the jitters out, use the images as thank yous, save the date cards and also as a way to get to know their photographer. We have come up with a  few creative ideas for you to showcase your couple in unique and fun ways.
Here are a few creative ideas to get you inspired for spring engagement sittings.

1. Hobbies

What do the couple like to do together? Often couples meet at some soft of activity that they are both fond of together. Perhaps it was skateboarding, riding bikes or cheering on their favorite team. Try to incorporate some of these items into the photography session. Don’t get blindsided and make it only about this, however. Balance is always important when photographing couples.
engagement photo ideas Printique  (7)
engagement photo ideas Printique  (4)

2. Signs

All signs point to using signs during the session. It’s a fun way to see what they are thinking in the photograph. It can be as simple as the date of the wedding or as fun as how the couple got engaged. Let your imagination run with this, but make sure the letters on the sign are large enough and legible.
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3. Tight Shots

Couples communicate in all sorts of ways including body language. Crop in tight on hands holding or feet next to each other.  You can also do a close up on their smiles or eyes. Communication is more than just words.
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4. Shadows

Now that the light is strong in Spring, it is the perfect time to play with shadows. Get creative and have the couple in with the shadows at times or focus on just the shadows.
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4. Get Silly 

I would not suggest starting right off the bat doing more whimsical imagery but maybe when the session is winding down and the couple s a little more relaxed in front of the camera.
engagement photo ideas Printique  (1)We hope some of these ideas will inspire you to get creative and think outside the box. Of course, if you are looking for more ideas you can always head on over to our PINTEREST page Love Birds Board for more clever ideas on posing engagement and wedding portraits.