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Personalized Hostess Gifts They’ll Absolutely Love

Author: Wendy Wallace

Who says you have to give a hostess gift when you arrive? Rather than picking out a standard candle or flowers, take a few photos during your visit and send a personalized hostess gift as a thank you for their hospitality. Spoiler: You’ll be invited back in no time.


Insta Collage

If your host is not on social media, you can make an Instagram collage for them. Sometimes older people miss out on the fun since they are not on social media. It can be Insta-pics from your time together or even a collection of selfies their grandkids posted. It’s easy to grab the best shots from others or even your own and make a quick photo collage. Make it now: Photo Collage


Through the Years Book

If your relationship with the host spans many years you could create a book looking back on your time together. Maybe your kids have been friends since kindergarten and you have a plethora of images. Maybe your childhood best friend is hosting you for the weekend and wouldn’t they love a book of pics of the two of you from when you were kids to high schoolers? It might even bring a tear to their eye! It’s easy to put together, you can follow a template or make your own in our easy to navigate book editor. Make It: Softcover Photo Book


Stack of Prints

Take some candid snaps during the dinner party, including pics of guests, food, atmosphere, the host, etc. Print them out and tie them up with a ribbon and Voila! The 5X5 inch prints with the matte finish look especially nice. It is a fun way for the host to relive the event and much more special than flowers. Make It: Bordered Prints


Photo Block

Invited to a friend’s holiday house? During your time together, look for an opportunity to get an impromptu photo shoot going. Take a few pics pic of them with their family, a snap of the kids together or even your host with their dog. Then print their portrait on our modern acrylic photo blocks to display on a shelf or mantle. Make It: Acrylic Photo Block


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