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Pro Business Courses

Course 2: Mastering the Art of the In-Person Sale

Are you hustling and sweating with your photography business and/or working a completely separate job to make ends meet? If so, this video series is for you. In-person sales, or IPS, is the system that photographers have used for ages to make more money.

Having an IPS system in place will increase your revenue and profit, diversify your revenue sources, spread your revenue out over time, and cut down on the number of clients you need to get. You can do all of this while still being aligned with your values and servicing your clients at the highest level.

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INTRO – 5 Things That Are Holding You Back From Making Money In Photography

GUIDE – The 4 Step System For Successful Photography In-Person Sales

WEBINAR – Getting Your Photography Client Ready For The Sale

Other courses in this series

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