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4 Photo Book Gift Ideas for Kids (That They’ll Love)

Author: The Printique Team

Fact: Kids love seeing their names (and faces) in and on things. Like, everything. Build a custom book for the little ones in your life by putting them front and center with these creative uses of our photo book templates. They’ll love them so much, they might become annual tradition…


The Ultimate Illustrated Storybook

If you’ve had to pull together some bedtime stories out of thin air, this will be easy-breezy. Create a fantastical story with your child’s favorite heroes, people, animals, colors, and objects and lay it out across the bottom of each page. Leave the top three-quarters blank for your small artist to illustrate it. Don’t forget to credit the artist on the cover with “Illustrations by CHILDSNAME.”
Project tips:
1. Softcover book paper will take crayons, markers, and pencil illustrations best.
2. Start with the Little Gem template and search for ‘kids’ in the stickers menu for our favorites.


All the Places CHILDSNAME Has Been

If your family hit the road often (pre-2020), gather all those globe-trotting memories into an atlas, of sorts. Place a photo of your child in the location next to a close-up of a map illustration or a spot on the globe to ID where they were. Add a few details, such as date and the child’s age at the time and a memory of their time (if you have enough mental energy to pull them up).
Project tips:
1. Try a hardcover photo book with full bleed images on the cover.
2. Start with the Birch Forest template and search for ‘travel’ in the stickers menu for our favorites. You can drop in a map from your trip to replace the existing backgrounds.


My Favorite Thing About CHILDSNAME

Ask friends and family members to share a detail or memory about your child, then load up the quote and a photo of the person on each page. It’s a great reminder of all the love out in the world for them, especially when we can’t be close.
Project tips:
1. Try a hardcover photo book with lots of room for text.
2. Start with the Baby’s Firsts template – a layout setup with large quotes and text boxes.


A-Z I Spy

Half book, half game, this one will provide endless entertainment. Snap photos of items around your place that correspond to the letter, and your child’s mission is to find it and grab a shot on their own–with either a kids camera or your phone. The endless part? When you move said items around the house and they hunt all over again.
Project tips:
1. Try a softcover photo book so you can write in notes and check off what you’ve found.
2. Start with the Notebook template and search for ‘checklist’ in the stickers.