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20 Inspiring Ways to Print

Author: The Printique Team

What does photo printing mean to you?

To us, it’s so much more than just having something to hang on the wall – though that’s definitely a perk. Photo prints are a way to express your love, relive your fondest memories, showcase your greatest accomplishments, embrace your favorite seasons, make your house feel like a home, bring ideas to life, and so much more. If you aren’t currently using photo prints to their greatest potential, look no further. From sentimental gifts to personalized decorating ideas, this list will open your eyes to some of the ways photo printing can level up your life.

Create an anniversary photo album, with love letters included.

Romantic photo albums are amazing gifts, no matter how you go about it. That being said, here’s our expert tip: add love letters to your photo album! Dedicate pages or sections of pages to spilling your heart to the one you love – either in printed type or hand-written in once the album arrives. Your special someone will love getting to read your sweet words over and over, while revisiting your happiest memories at the same time!

Print a calendar for next year with your best shots from this year.

Keep your hunger for adventure strong each month with features of your greatest travel shots on each page. Before you know it, your calendar will be overflowing with travel plans!

Adventure photos used to create a custom calendar is one of many meaningful ways to print.

Use colorful prints to turn your bathroom into a spa.

Drab bathrooms are a no-go in our book! Create spunky, colorful prints to easily spruce up plain bathroom walls. Check out our list of free printable art for some extra wall décor inspiration.

Bathroom before and after colorful framed photo prints.

Long term lovebirds? Re-create your favorite couple photos from years ago.

What better way to capture your love than by, well, capturing it! Highlight love’s endurance by showcasing your forever sweetheart in side by side couples photos, decades apart. Not a long term lovebird yourself, but know someone who is? This makes for a heartfelt, thoughtful, and surprising gift as well.

Inspiring way to print couple photos decades apart.

Dedicate a photo book to your four-legged friends.

There’s no better way to guarantee a smile than ordering yourself a photo book of your favorite pet pictures! You’ll get to see how much they’ve grown through the years and laugh yourself to tears at their one-of-a-kind funny faces. If your pet is a cat or dog, include a stamp of their paw print for an extra personal touch! See more ways to turn your pet photography into art here!

Fun ways to print pet pictures.

Print an oh-so sentimental B&W photo book.

A black and white photo book adds a heartwarming layer of nostalgia to your fondest pictures. Memorialize loved ones who have passed, summers that felt endless in their time so many years ago, a hometown that has since changed in so many ways, or the greatest love story of your life. Make sure those unforgettable memories are truly never forgotten.

Black and white photo books are one of many ways to print your favorite pictures.

Create a cook book with your favorite recipes!

Whether you’re the go-to chef of all your friends come the holidays or want to share your favorite recipes with generations to come, creating a cook book is a fun and practical way to pass along your best dishes!

Custom cook book showcasing chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Create a vision board.

Heading into the new day, week, month or year with big goals and plans? Print exactly what you have in mind! It’s proven that people who state and picture their goals are 40% more likely to achieve them. Try hanging prints of all the places you wish to travel on the back of your bedroom door, where you’ll regularly see them! Order a large poster print that lists out all your short term goals and check them off as you complete them. Put prints of the recipes you want to learn and foods you want to try on your refrigerator door. You’ll be racing towards your goals in no time. Psychologists would agree!

Girl creates vision board using photo prints.

Real Estate Agents: invest in a portfolio of your listings.

Having a portfolio of your listings is a great way to peak the interest of potential buyers. Whether or not the homes in your portfolio align with what a specific client is hoping to find, handing them a look book can help you pinpoint exactly what they’re looking for – from the natural lighting they love all the way down to their preferred bathtub style. Before you know it, your portfolio of listings will turn into your portfolio of houses sold!

A look book of real estate agent listings.

Print functional kitchen art.

Conversion charts and temperature guidelines for foods you regularly prep are practical accessories for your kitchen. You can make them both fabulous and functional when you print them as acrylic blocks! Read our article on functional kitchen art pieces for even more ideas.

Fashion Designers: create an expression wall to inspire your work.

Collage your favorite looks, styles, patterns, and colors to endlessly fuel your designs. The best part? Your expression wall can be ever growing. Combine old looks with new styles, experiment with different pattern combinations, and test your favorite designs with a rotation of exhilarating colors!

An expression wall is one of many ways to print as a fashion designer.

Writers and Film-Makers: create a story board with inspiring prints.

Mapping out your story points is a critical part of writing any screenplay or novel, but placing visuals in your daily line of sight will bring the story in your head to life.

Print what inspires you!

A picture’s worth a thousand words, but sometimes a few strong words do the trick! Don’t shy away from printing your favorite inspirational quotes and sprinkling motivation throughout your work space.

Inspiration quote print decorates work space.

Re-enact your childhood pictures in a photo book.

It’s the perfect gift for parents, especially recent empty-nesters! Not only will your parents love getting to reminisce on sweet memories, but they’ll love seeing how much you’ve grown. They’ll be extremely proud of how far you – as well as your siblings, pets, and childhood friends – have come as they flip through the pages.

A photobook of childhood pictures and their reenactment.

Leave sweet notes on the back of classic prints.

Most of us are familiar with slipping notes into lunch boxes or jacket pockets to keep our loved ones company during busy days, but have you ever tried writing those notes on the back of photo prints? Bring little anecdotes and references to life by writing them on the back of wonderful pictures! Leave surprise photos on the fridge, mail them to loved ones far away, or slip them into your kids’ school folders if they’re prone to homesickness. Have fun with it, and let pictures inspire even more heartfelt messages!

Add notes to the back of photo prints to communicate sweet messages.

Create your own postcards to highlight a road trip!

Your friends and family will love nothing more than being included in your trip! Share your amazing experiences while letting them know you’re thinking of them with custom postcards. Order your cards to an upcoming pitstop and enjoy some time before bed transcribing your adventure tales, accompanied by your own photos!

Colorful custom postcards.

Create spooky autumn prints.

If fall makes your heart sing, don’t miss the opportunity to spook up your space! From Halloween costumes of years past to full moons and October harvests, bring your love of fall to life with fall-themed prints!

Halloween themed prints and decoration.

Enjoy your favorite views all from one room.

If you’re looking to create a wall gallery that’s especially unique, consider printing snapshots of the various window views you’ve enjoyed over the years. It’s a captivating way to remember your favorite trips, and will undoubtedly capture the attention and admiration of all your house guests! Don’t have window shots like this? Don’t worry! They’re easy to take, so you can start collecting your window views whenever you please.

A photo gallery of window views from around the globe.

Decorate your phone with your favorite pictures.

Indecisive when it comes to phone cases? Instead of rotating through expensive custom cases, use photo prints inside a clear phone case to allow for regular swap outs! Simply trace and cut your print to the size of your phone, and pop it into your clear case for the aesthetic of your dreams!

A custom photo print used to personalize a phone case.

Create your own murder mystery game.

If you’re looking to really challenge your creative skills, this print idea is for you. Order sets of prints to distribute to friends for a custom-made murder mystery game! From handprints, to crime scene photos, to surveillance pictures taken by private investigators, there’s nothing you can’t do when using prints to give your players clues! It will certainly make for a game night your friends and family will never forget!

Photo prints used to create a murder mystery game.