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Free Printables: Kodak Edition

Author: The Printique Team

Australia’s largest public museum, Museums Victoria, features a large collection of vintage Kodak materials; Lucky for us, many of these materials belong to the public domain, meaning they’re free to download and print! We’ve combed through Museums Victoria’s 1300 Kodak-related public domain images to find the best free printables available. Here are our top picks!

To download any of these free printables, click on its respective image – this will redirect you to the image’s page in Museums Victoria’s collection. Below the original image on the Museums Victoria page, you’ll see a “Use this image” button. Click that button, select the file size you want, and the image is yours to use!

Love free printables? Check out our favorite picks from last week, too!

A vintage kodak free printable hangs on the wall in an office space, adding bold colors to an otherwise bland room.

This Leave Your Films Here Free Printable

The bold colors and capitalized text in this old-time flyer scream retro. With its ability to transform even the most unexciting wall space into a dynamic and captivating area, bringing this free printable to life is a no brainer.

A vintage kodak free printable hangs on the wall in an office space, adding character and color to an otherwise dark, subdued room.

This Kodak Prints Free Printable

This simple yet charming poster design is totally swoon worthy! With its fun yet subdued colors and its distinctive yet elegant font, this free printable is a guaranteed win when it comes to wall decor with character.

This Now Is Picture Time Circle Printable

If you know us, you know we love circle prints. When we see the opportunity to create an incredible one, we can’t pass it up! This Now is Picture Time printable is oh-so vintage, featuring faded ink and mixed text styles signature of mid-20th century advertising. It’s available as a square download, with white space filling the area around the circular graphic, but we know a circle cut print is the way to maximize this free printable’s originality.

A vintage kodak free printable hangs above a bed, adding charm and personalization to otherwise empty walls.

This Photographs Remember When We Forget Free Printable

What’s not to love about this design? From its vintage advertising elements to its photography-loving sentiment, this free printable captures the way we feel about photography, as well as the nostalgia that accompanies its time-freezing nature.

This Kodak Negatives Folder Cover

The faded aesthetic of this free printable makes it the perfect addition to any room, no matter the decor style. The presence of handwriting on this authentic scan gives the print additional character that makes us love it even more!

These Vintage Kodak Storefront Free Printables

If you prefer vintage photography over vintage graphics, you’ll love these photographs of Kodak storefronts in the 1930’s and 40’s. Here are the links to the top left, top right, and bottom printable!