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5 Photographs for Stunning Circle Prints

Author: The Printique Team

When browsing our premium metal prints, don’t overlook our circle printing option! With a chic yet elegant feel, circle prints are a must-have for every creative master of home décor. Ready to add a new print to your Wishlist?

Use a Fisheye Lens

The best way to create beautiful circular prints is to take beautiful circular photographs! By using a fisheye lens, you’ll create a fun depth to your photographs and shape your pictures in a perfect circle – just like we will when cutting your print!

Photograph Flower Fields

Natural, earthly subjects display wonderfully on circular prints; Circle-cut flower photographs are a gorgeous and colorful example!

Expert tip: pair your circle prints with a circle mirror to create an even more captivating gallery!

Photograph Water

Another example of an organic subject that displays charmingly on circle prints is water. The fluid shape and movement of water is complimented by the curved framing of a circle.

To elevate your shot, play with ripples in your photo’s composition. This will add an exciting element of motion and texture to your photograph, while further echoing circular shapes throughout your display!

Take Action Shots

Don’t dull your action shots with predictable framing. Instead, put focus on the superstar of your photograph by centering their moves in a circle print.

Look Out of This World

Circles are common shapes when it comes to space observation, so use circle prints to your advantage when printing your out-of-this-world shots. Give yourself the illusion of peering through a telescope every time you pass your display of circular space prints.