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The Coolest Free-to-Print NASA Art

Author: The Printique Team

NASA is a legend of space exploration, but who knew they were a legend in the art space as well? NASA’s team of visual strategists have created a series of incredible free print designs in a collection titled Visions of the Future. The collection includes 14 colorful pieces depicting imaginative perspectives of what the future of space travel will hold. We’ve highlighted our favorite five illustrations, but make sure you check out the entire collection!

Ready to see some seriously out of this world art? Simply click on any image for the free download link!

Earth, Your Oasis in Space Free Print Design

We love the way this poster makes us look at Earth with fresh eyes; it makes us feel like we’ve just been to the moon and back – even if all we did was walk to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. With its blend of vibrant colors, its magnificent mountain scenery, and its soothing aesthetic, it’s a must-have work of art.

A free photo print design created by NASA's design team depicts two space travelers returning to Earth.

Venus, See You at the Cloud 9 Observatory Free Print Design

We love the beautiful light pink color tones in this poster. It effortlessly inspires daydreams about cocktail hours at the Cloud 9 Observatory! Until then, staring at a marvelous illustration will have to do.

A free-to-print poster created by NASA's design team depicts an observatory located on Venus.

Planet Hop From Trappist-1e Free Print Design

Road tripping through galaxies has never looked better than in this stunning illustration. It depicts what the view would be like from Trappist-1e – a star found some 40 light-years away from Earth.

We’re packing our bags; Are you coming?

A free print design created by NASA's design team depicts the view from a road trip through the galaxies.

Europa, Discover Life Under the Ice Free Print Design

Europa is the name of one of Jupiter’s moons, and the ocean believed to be hiding beneath its icy surface gives it a high rank on future travel bucket lists. With our planets ocean teeming with more life than we’ve been able to discover in all of our explorations, what ever will we find beneath the ice on Europa? This poster makes us wonder.

A free print design created by NASA's design team depicts life under the sea on Jupiter's frozen moon.

Relax on Kepler-16b Free Print Design

This vision into the extraterrestrial is an alluring one – despite the possibility of Kepler-16b being simply a ball of gas. We prefer the way it’s depicted here: as a hypnotizingly beautiful planet where your shadow always has a friend.

A free print design created by NASA's design team depicts a space traveler standing before the two suns of planet Kepler-16b.