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Four Toys to Photograph for Fresh Nursery Wall Art

Author: Emily Farris

Picking out art for a nursery or kids room is fun. Making your own is even more fun — especially when you use toys as subjects. Here are four toys around my home that I photographed and turned into custom kids room art or nursery decor. Any of these pieces will work in a nursery, children’s room, or playroom and will even grow with your kids beyond the early years.



Figurines make amazing picture subjects, especially when they’re styled outside their expected context like this Superman action figure on a plain pink backdrop. The more fun you can have with your setup, the cooler the photo will be, too. Think toy soldiers on the edge of an epic bubble bath, a rubber ducky in a sidewalk puddle, or T-Rex casually hanging with Space Discovery Barbie. Order a Poster Print for much larger-than-life piece of art or make it a whole series and use the Wall Design Wizard to create a one-of-a-kind gallery wall.



Blocks are the perfect subject for personalized nursery art because they’re completely customizable. You can use alphabet blocks to spell out a baby’s name, a nickname, a family name, or even a fun phrase like “play” or “pretty please be a good sleeper.” A combination of new and vintage blocks makes for an interesting vignette while a monochromatic collection of different styles can fit into any room decor or theme. For a minimalist look, display your custom block photo on a glossy metal print.


Matchbox Cars

Matchbox cars make great subjects when photographed just about anywhere, but they look especially cool outside. Get down low and shoot one on an empty street for a fun depth-of-field image or head to a parking lot and put one right next to a real car or truck tire for scale. For a fun overhead shot, give your kids some sidewalk chalk and tell them to draw a street then get creative with a whole bunch of Hot Wheels. Keep it classic with a framed print.


Art Supplies

Crayons, markers, colored pencils, paintbrushes, and other art supplies can be grouped and styled on a solid background to fit any color scheme or room decor. Gather a bunch of blue crayons in various stages of use for a monochromatic masterpiece or, for a more modern look, style a collection of super-sharp colored pencils to represent a rainbow. Even a handful of dirty paintbrushes look cool against a stark white background or paint-splattered drop cloth. Add extra dimension to this custom kid’s room art with a ready-to-hang standout print or colored framed print.


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