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How To Create a Custom Cookbook (Because Why Not?)

Author: Emily Farris

Maybe you’re an accomplished pastry chef self-publishing your greatest creations. Maybe you’re the family historian who wants to gather all of the best recipes through the generations and gift them. Or maybe you just like food. But if you’ve ever wondered “How do I create my cookbook?”, it’s as easy as a little prep work and then dragging and dropping in our hard cover book editor.

Watch our how-to video on a personalized recipe book, then get going!

You can design a completely custom recipe book by using our layout, background, and sticker options on the lefthand navigation. Best of all, your cookbook can be a collaboration! You can share the project as you work with colleagues, friends, or family with the Share button function on the top right.

We’re looking forward to seeing your culinary masterpieces in print. Don’t forget to tag us on social when you post your work!


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