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A Photo a Day: March Edition

Author: The Printique Team

They say the best way to get good at something is to do it often; This month we’re challenging you to sharpen your photography skills with a photo a day!

Whether you have big ideas and struggle with execution or have mastered the art of getting started but struggle with fresh ideas, this list will lead the way to some creative and beautiful photos in March.

Ready to have some fun? Click the list below to view its download page!

March 1stYour View

Photograph the prettiest view you have today.

March 2ndStarts with the letter M

Take a photo of something that starts with the letter M; Be creative! Mountains, motorcycles, Mom, music, Manhattan…

March 3rdThe sky

Any time between 12:00 A.M. and 11:59 P.M., photograph the many shades of sky that pass us by during the day.

March 4thSomething that makes you smile

Take a photograph of something that makes you smile: a poster on the way to work, a local bodega cat, the sunset.

March 5thA place you love

Photograph a place you love; Bonus points if you capture it in a way that feels true to you.

March 6thEasy like Sunday morning

Photograph something that’s quintessentially Sunday; A cup of hot cocoa, a cozy blanket, a basket of laundry.

March 7thYour view at 8 A.M.

Take a picture at 8 A.M. – of anything at all! Capture the essence of a day beginning.

March 8thArchitecture

Photograph a building’s architecture; It can be a building you love or a building you love to hate!

March 9thSomeone you love

Take a picture of someone you love. This can be done through portraiture, capturing a moment they float in the background of, or anything in between.

March 10thShapes

Find a cool shape and point your lens at it!

March 11thA picture of words

A picture’s worth a thousand words… Make it a thousand and then some with a photograph that features the beauty of words.

March 12thBlack and white

Take a photograph with the intention of its final form being black and white.

March 13thThrough the eyes of a child

Take a picture that captures the world through the eyes of a child.

March 14thYour commute

Snap a photograph on your commute.

March 15thFood

Whether you ate it or just wished you could, photograph food today.

March 16thSomething green

Photograph something green; Bonus points if it’s a leprachaun!

March 17thA celebration

Take a photo of a celebration taking place.

March 18thYour view at 6 P.M.

Photograph what the world around you looks like at 6 P.M.

March 19thSomething old

Point your lens at something old: a car, a pair of shoes, a vintage record player.

March 20thSomething new

Point your lens at something new: a kitten, a fresh paint job, groceries on the kitchen counter.

March 21stThrough the window

Take a picture through a window. Car window, bus window, plane window, train window, house window…

March 22ndTechnology

Incorporate technology into this photograph.

March 23rdMelting

Take a picture of something melting.

March 24thReflections

Photograph the magic of reflections.

March 25thClouds

Take a picture of clouds; Even better if they’re clouds that look like other things!

March 26thA stranger

Take a picture of a stranger. This one’s for you, street photographers!

March 27thFire

Candles, campfires, and gas stoves, oh my! Take a picture of the fire in your life today.

March 28thAnimals

Photograph an animal, whether it be a baby bird, a grizzly bear, or the neighborhood cat.

March 29thLooking up

Point your camera up throughout the day and capture something you would have otherwise missed!

March 30thBloom

Photograph the world around you blooming.

March 31stThe horizon

Take a picture of the horizon as we head into a fresh month.

Turn March into something beautiful.

With our free mobile app, you can upload and print your photos as you take them. Here’s what we recommend doing with your March photos!

Create a scrapbook.

Bring your March memories to life in a $10 March scrapbook. Print each of your daily photos on 3.5x5in, 4x5in, or 4x6in classic prints for only $9.61! Add in real life mementos like ticket stubs and handwritten notes for a scrapbook that truly captures the essence of your month.

See the rest of our scrapbook tips in our mobile photography scrapbook guide!

Add to your portfolio.

You took a photo a day, every day, for a month – and chances are that a lot of those “just one photo” sessions turned into taking hundreds of photographs (it’s called being passionate!). Don’t let the incredible work you did this month go to waste.

Add your favorite photos to your digital and physical portfolio.

Make simple swaps to your home décor.

A hefty stock of new photos calls for swapping out your home décor! Swap out your framed photos with your favorite pictures of the month, and add old photos to an ever-growing photo book.

See our full guide to photo swaps in our Sunday Swaps article!