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A Photo a Day: March 2023

Author: The Printique Team

Our newest photo-a-day challenge is here! 

This month, get ready to celebrate all of the brilliance of spring! You’ll be experimenting with different camera angles, saying goodbye to the winter chill, and embracing the growth the new season will bring. 

By March 31st, you’ll have a stunning collection of images – and quite possibly your favorite photograph yet! 

Ready to see what March has in store? Click the image below to download your own copy! 

March 1st: Symmetry

Experiment with balanced photography and capture a perfectly symmetrical shot.

March 2nd: Hazy

Get a photo of a hazy sky – while you still have the chance during the remainder of winter! 

March 3rd: Natural Framing

Elevate the composition of your photo by finding objects that naturally frame your focal point, such as trees or a window.

March 4th: Transparent

Take a picture of something see-through for today’s capture.

March 5th: Your favorite room

Celebrate a room that is special to you; this could be a room where you are the most artistic, where you feel safest, or where you have the best memories.

March 6th: Starts with J

Jewelry, jukebox and jars – photograph something that starts with the letter J.

March 7th: Rule of Thirds

Practice your Rule of Thirds composition for today’s photo.

March 8th: Triangles

Use a triangle to take a one-of-a-kind photography today.

March 9th: A stairway

Take a photo of a stairway. 

March 10th: Texture

Use texture to elevate today’s capture.

March 11th: Motion

A moving train, a child running, snow falling – take a picture of something that is in motion! 

March 12th: The Missing Hour

As we turn our clocks forward, take a picture of today’s missing hour – whatever that means to you.

March 13th: From Below

Take a photo from far below.

March 14th: From Above

Take a photo from high above.

March 15th: Delicate 

Capture something that is delicate.

March 16th: Green

Photograph something green! 

March 17th: Lucky

Take a picture of something lucky.

March 18th: Minimalist

Embrace the beauty of simplicity in today’s photo.

March 19th: Treasured

A childhood momento, a lucky charm, someone you love – take a picture of something you treasure.

March 20th: Spring 

Happy Spring! Take a picture of something that reflects the new season.

March 21st: Something new

Showoff something new today! 

March 22nd: Commute

Snap a photo of your commute.

March 23rd: Faded

Photograph something that is faded.

March 24th: Looking Out

Take a photo from inside looking out.

March 25th: Bright

Experiment with exposure or embrace the bold colors of spring – take a snap of something bright.

March 26th: Take Flight

Maybe it’s a bird or a plane – capture something taking flight.

March 27th: 8 A.M.

Take a picture at 8 A.M. to photograph the essence of the day beginning.

March 28th: Silhouette

Play with lighting and shadows today. 

March 29th: Pairs

Find pairs in the world around you – a couple, a pair of eyes, two birds on a wire.

March 30th: Words

Make words a part of today’s photo – a hand-written letter, a street sign, your favorite poem.

March 31st: Bloom

Celebrate spring and capture the world around you blooming!