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7 Sunday Swap Projects

Author: The Printique Team

We all have things we would like to change about our homes; But investing the time to make big changes can seem daunting, if not impossible with busy work schedules, kids, and other responsibilities.

Being busy doesn’t have to mean settling for a space that doesn’t bring out your best!  That’s why we’ve put together this list of Sunday Swaps: simple home photo projects you can start and finish on Sunday.

You’ll be heading into the week stress free – and counting down the days until your Printique package arrives! Ready to get started?

Swap out your framed photos.

The framed photos you have displayed around the house are lovely, but you can make room for fresh memories by ordering new prints to display.  Swapped out prints can be moved into a sleeved photo album; Think of it as a book with all your retired prints!  Not only will you get to fill your home with new memories, but you’ll be creating a magical photo book at the same time.

You can swap five 5×7 prints for less than $5. Do this once a month, and you’ll have a book of more than 50 incredible prints by the end of the year; Plus, an endless stream of new memories all throughout the house.  Your family will be endlessly excited to see what new photos will come to life with every swap!  It’s like Elf on the Shelf, photo edition.

Swap black and white prints for color prints, or vice versa!

If a majority of your décor fits into either a black and white or colorful scheme, make a major shift in aesthetics by swapping one for the other. We especially adore this trick when its done with wall galleries. Going from a colorful gallery to a black and white gallery will add a crisp and elegant feeling to your room.

If you love black and white décor, and your décor reflects that beyond the wall, adding colorful accents through wall décor is a great way to elevate a space. The best part? Make the swap once and you’ll have everything you need to switch between B&W and color whenever you want.

Swap out the photos on your fridge.

If you have photos, menus, or old holiday cards hanging on the fridge, this incredibly simple décor swap trick is for you! Fridge decorations can get messy – fast – and with fridges often serving as the kitchen’s focal point, they have the power to throw off the entire room. But that doesn’t mean we don’t love to see fridge space utilized!

Take a look at the fridge décor you love the most; Is it pictures of your family pet? Is it pictures of the kids? Is it scenic photos from vacations together? Or funny photos that bring back memories? Is it a prayer card or meaningful quote?

Note the fridge elements you love the most, and print photos that check the same boxes. Choose photos that work together aesthetically, whether they’re all black and white or each fit the same color scheme, and they’ll have a much neater, cohesive feeling once they make their way to the fridge.

Don’t stop at photos! Print your favorite quotes, recipes, or news clippings as well. This allows you to feature everything you love and more without creating clutter and chaos in the kitchen.

Just like we recommended with old framed photos: add your retired fridge photographs to your growing photo book! Holiday cards and even menus can be added to this book to fully capture the details of life in your home.

Swap clunky kitchen art for a chic, functional piece.

We adore kitchen décor, but kitchen counter space is too valuable to waste on underwhelming pieces.  Acrylic conversion charts check all the boxes; Plus, they can be mounted, styled on a shelf, or even stand alone on the counter. It’s easy to find a printable version that fits your style, whether you prefer clean lines, vintage design, or pops of color.

Acrylic prints have a clean feel, but their durable quality makes them all the more exceptional for kitchen decorating. Spills, bumps, and splatter won’t stand a chance against this premium, lasts-a-lifetime piece of décor.

Swap old poster art with pieces that excite you!

We’ve all done it: we see a print on sale at the store, at a yard sale, or in a second-hand shop and swoop it up thinking “a great deal never hurt anybody.” 5 years later and that uninspiring piece is still hanging in our home!

It’s time to say goodbye to those never-loved-it, never-hated it posters. Browse our collection of free printable art for a poster design that meets your taste and interests.  From vintage winter sports to travel posters, the public domain has posters for every style; And with their free download, you can bring these incredible designs to life for $15.74!

Swap bland bathroom décor with a colorful gallery.

Remodeling your bathroom can be a lengthy and expensive process, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fall in love with your bathroom in the meantime!

Adding a colorful, vibrant gallery of art and photographs to your bathroom wall has endless perks. It makes the space feel bigger; It gives you the ability to add a modern and clean feel with crisp matting or aluminum print styles; It fills bland, draining space and conceals any blemishes while doing it!

We recommend hanging either framed photos or metal prints in your bathroom, to avoid prints being damaged by humidity. Other than that, embrace your creativity! Some of our favorite bathroom art includes vintage beach photography, foliage, or urban snapshots. You can find free-to-download photographs for any style of gallery on Unsplash.

Swap your mantle and shelving décor.

Mantle space and shelves are the perfect places to get the ball rolling on home redecorating. The ability to tackle them one section at a time makes them a great spot to target with your Sunday swap project.

Take a look at your current shelf décor: Is it the right size? Does it feel too cluttered? Do the pieces work together? Does the material of your photograph clash with the material of the shelving?

Once you note what works and what doesn’t, ordering fresh décor pieces becomes a breeze! If you have a rustic, wooden shelf, go with more subtle or earthy prints, like canvas, wood, or wooden frames. If your mantle is chic and minimalist, try swapping your décor for botanical blocks as we head into spring!