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Wedding Canvas Prints: Why We Love Them

Author: The Printique Team

Your wedding day has come and gone. Now it’s time to make your magical wedding day memories last forever with the best wedding photo prints you can imagine!

With the overwhelming number of options and suggestions that result when searching “the best way to print my wedding photos,” it can be hard to know what prints you’ll be happiest with.  We’re here to make that decision a whole lot easier.

When it comes to printing wedding photos, wedding canvas prints steal our hearts.  Our hand-stretched, gallery-quality canvas prints will turn your favorite photos into the wedding décor of your dreams. Here’s why we love them.

Wedding Canvas Prints Have a Unique Warmth

The timeless texture of our hand-stretched, premium canvas gives warmth to the photos you print on them.  For intimate wedding photos – from forehead kisses to moments of embrace between you and your spouse – canvas prints flawlessly capture the warmth you felt as you lived that moment.

Man holds woman face in a canvas wedding photo.

Romance Comes to Life on Canvas Prints

For the same reason that a hand-written letter is more romantic than an email, canvas prints stand apart from other printing methods when it comes to adding romance to your wedding photos. The hand-made nature of our canvas prints makes them inherently personal. Your wedding photos on canvas represent a visual love letter of one of the most important moments in you and your partner’s love story.

Newly-wed couple poses in romantic wedding canvas print.

Canvas Prints Give You Flexibility While Decorating

When it comes to ease of decorating, nothing beats canvas prints. Not only are they light weight and made to hang, but they come in a variety of sizes – including custom sizes! This allows you to create split prints that capture panoramic photos, galleries that showcase the delicate details of your wedding collectively, or large prints that transform small moments into momentous displays.

An intimate moment of hand holding between newly-weds is displayed on wedding canvas prints.

Wedding Canvas Prints Complement Any Room

Whether your home’s aesthetic is farmhouse, nautical, industrial, urban modern, or anything in between, canvas prints will fit seamlessly into your space. While canvas photos complement the rustic details of old-fashioned home styles, they balance the sharpness of contemporary styles; this makes them the perfect printing option for decor that won’t clash with your current – or future! – home style.

A bridal party photograph hangs in the kitchen as canvas wall decor.

More Ideas for the Best Wedding Photos

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We’ve put together a comprehensive list of our favorite wedding photos to make it as easy as possible to communicate your priorities and hopes with your photographer. Pick your favorites, compile your own personalized shot list, and bring the photos you’ve envisioned to life with wedding canvas prints!

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Couple holds hand on wedding day in a framed photo print.

Choose the Best Wedding Photos for Your Album

While canvas prints are a premium choice for transforming your wedding photos into home decor, you’ll definitely still want to compile your favorite wedding photos into a breathtaking photo album. The real estate in your wedding photo book or album is precious. You want it to tell the story of your day simply and beautifully. With this in mind, we share with you the wedding photos you will definitely want in your final album – as well as those that you can skip!

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Bride holds flowers and poses with bridesmaids in wedding photo album.