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Your Wedding Photo Check List

Author: The Printique Team

With all the time, money, and thought that went into your wedding day, of course you want photos that make it last forever. But how can you make sure to get the perfect photos before irreplaceable moments pass you by?

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of our favorite wedding photos to make it as easy as possible to communicate your priorities and hopes with your photographer. Pick your favorites, compile your own personalized shot list, and watch the photos you’ve envisioned come to life!

Always keep in mind that your wedding day will be special no matter what. Live in the moment, have fun with the ones you love, and trust your photographer to deliver something wonderful – we certainly do.

Getting Ready

If you’ve ever been part of a wedding – whether as a bride, groom, member of the wedding party, parent or photographer – you know that the wedding begins well before guests arrive at the ceremony site. These preparation photos make wonderful introductory shots in wedding albums.

The Dress

Capture the anticipation of the big day as well as the stand-alone beauty of your gown in a pre-ceremony hanging dress photo.

The Wedding Bands

A photo of your wedding bands not only communicates the power of the oath you’re soon to take, but makes for chic, meaningful and elegant wall decor as well.

The Invitations

A snapshot of your invitations will make for a beautiful opening photo in your wedding album.

The Makeup

How often do you get to have your makeup professionally done? Get some photos of your royalty moments as you get ready for the big event!

Getting Dressed

Photos of your bridal party helping you get dressed will remind you how supportive they were at such an important time in your life.

The Bridal Bouquet

While your beautiful bouquet may wilt away from its pristine, morning-of-the-wedding condition, the photos never will!

Mother and the Bride/Groom

As the bride(s) and groom(s) await the ceremony, it’s the perfect time to get some photos of Mom and her baby, all grown up! Find some good window lighting – or pop outside if the venue permits! – and snap some unforgettable photos.

Father and the Bride/Groom

Dad needs his duo shot, too! Set aside time for a photo with Dad that he’ll always remember.

The Solo Shot

Let’s face it – you look amazing! And while you and your soon-to-be-spouse are in this together, you deserve some stunning portraits solo, too. Never pass up an opportunity to turn your beauty into a piece of art!

The Wedding Party BTS

It’s been fun – a little too much fun! – and something tells us the fun won’t stop on the wedding day. Capture the laughs and nervous excitement shared with your best friends. You’ll never want to let those moments go!

The Wedding Car

The back seat of the wedding car is a place where time seems to rush by and stand still all at once – and it will make for a beautiful and sentimental transition piece in your wedding album. Make sure your photographer knows you would like this part of the day captured.


Our emotions run wild at wedding ceremonies – and who can blame us? From first looks to I do’s, the ceremony is filled with powerful moments you’ll always remember.

The Venue

Turn the beauty of your ceremony venue into a symbolic and timeless piece of home decor.

The Groom and Groomsmen Waiting

From nervous giggles to straight faces, capture all the raw emotions that take place up at the altar.

The Flower Girl

Flower girl photos on their own will warm your heart, but the smiles that fill the room as she makes her way down the aisle make this photo op all the more special.

The Bride’s Entrance

All eyes are on you! Sometimes our brains go blank during overwhelming moments like this one, so make sure you can remember it forever with photos you love.

Candid Reactions

It’s a once in a lifetime moment – live in it and trust your photographer to capture the precious scenes around you.

The First Look

Whether you decide to do a pre-ceremony first look or capture the reaction live, the photos are sure to be among the most genuine you’ve ever seen.

Exchanging of Vows

From giggles, to tears, to shakey hands – the exchanging of vows will be filled with raw and intimate moments that you’ll want to forever be part of your love story.

The First Kiss

You’ll be running to put this magical photo on display.

The Recessional

Whether your exit is met with confetti or applause, it’s a moment of pure celebration that will add endless joy to any room when turned into decor.

Couple Photos

You did it! Now it’s time to take your first photos as husband and wife. You’ll want to get all the photos your heart desires in your once-in-a-lifetime attire, so come prepared with a few poses you’re ready to use.

Full Dress and Suit Shots

We’re suckers for close ups, but don’t forget to snap a full body photo! Not only will it capture the full gown and attire of you and your spouse, but it will make for an elegant and enchanting album cover as well.

The Dip

Romantic and fun: have one partner hold the other in a dip for a classic yet lively photo.

The Hand Hold

This effortless pose communicates the commitment you and your new spouse have made. Plus, a few minutes of hand holding with your forever love is sure to calm any of your photoshoot jitters.

The Hug

Embrace your husband or wife; the photograph will capture the closeness you felt in that moment forever.

The Hover

Need a pose that fills the air with romance and tension? This is the one.

The Forehead Kiss

The ultimate sweet and simple pose.

The Spin

Add some movement to your photos with this cute and playful pose!

Beautiful newly formed family in nature

The Personality Pic

At the end of it all, your favorite wedding photos will be the ones that best reflect you and your life-long love’s authentic selves – so remember to add a splash of you to every pose!

The Smile

On your wedding day, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the little things you want to remember and the photos you want to take – but don’t lose sight of old reliable! A simple photo of you and your spouse smiling at the camera is one you’re sure to love.

Group Photos

A wedding is chaotic – you’ll be approached by people you haven’t seen in years, be pulled into story telling with life-long friends, and introduce people from totally different areas of your life. That’s why it helps to have a game plan of who you’ll be pulling for photos and when! Here are some of our must-have group photos.

The Couple and the Wedding Party

Get the whole squad together for this fun and crowded group photo!

The Couple and the Parents

Don’t miss a photo with the people who got you to this incredibly happy moment – and helped make the event possible with their generosity!

The Couple and the New Family

Get everyone together! Your families became one today – photograph it!

The Couple and the Little Ones

If there are little kids at your wedding, know that this is a magical, fairy tale experience for them! Not only will including them in a photo shoot fill them with joy, but it will leave you with photos you’ll treasure as they grow up.

The Couple and the Grandparents

If your grandparents were able to attend your wedding, don’t take it for granted. Make time for meaningful photos with them and know that this day is as special to them as it is to you.

The Generations

It’s not every day that multiple generations of family get to come together; photograph it while you can – you’ll be so grateful you did!

The Bride(s) and Maid of Honor

Grab your bestie and get some photos with the one who’s been by your side through it all.

The Groom(s) and Best Man

Where would you be without your best man? Show them the love they deserve and take pictures that capture your brotherly bond.


Empty Reception Hall

Remind yourself why you chose this venue with photos of what makes it special.

Table Decor

After all the time you put into decor choices, your table arrangements deserve some time in the spotlight!

The Cake

It won’t look this pretty for long! Snap photos of the work of art before it’s time to dig in.

The Couple Arriving

The stress is behind you and your spouse is by your side – this is the moment where the true celebration really begins!

Toast and Speeches

From the laughter to the tears, you’ll get it all during the wedding speeches.

Candid Dancing

While posed photos can be beautiful and elegant, the candid dancing pictures are the ones that will have the whole family huddled over your computer when the photographer delivers their photos!

The First Dance

The advice to “dance like nobody’s watching” has never been truer (and we don’t just say that because the freest moments make the best photos)! Your first dance sets the tone for the night, so relax, have fun, and live in the moment with the love of your life!

The Father Daughter Dance

Get the tissues ready; this is a tear-jerking moment you’ll always keep close to your heart.

The Groups

From your college friends to your coworkers, make sure to get a photo with the groups from all the different times of your life.

The Musicians

Whether you have a band or a DJ, photograph your wedding’s entertainment to make sure you never forget who had you dancing the night away!

The Last Dance

The air will be heavy with emotion when it comes time for the last dance, making for dramatic and authentic photographs that are perfect for bringing your wedding album to its close.

The Bouquet Toss

From laughter to action shots, the bouquet toss is a photo worthy tradition; but the best part about documenting it? Getting to look back and see if its prediction was correct!

The Exit Shots

The Dazzling Lights

If your wedding runs well into the night, you’ll have some magical lighting to play with in your photos! From sparklers to string lights, the setting of the sun doesn’t mean the end to flawless photos.

Goodbye Hugs

Capture those tight embraces from loved ones to keep those feelings of joy alive forever.

The Hand Hold

The fairytale moment of running off hand-in-hand makes for the cutest, most smiley photographs!

The Sendoff

Whether you exit with sparklers, flower petals, or a wave goodbye, a snap of you and your spouse’s sendoff will make for adorable thank you cards.