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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Friends

Author: The Printique Team

Valentine’s Day is the day of love, but you don’t have to limit your celebration to just your significant other. It’s the perfect time to share the love you have for all of the special people in your life. Your friends, your kids, and your parents deserve it!

Taking Valentine’s Day to reflect on your most meaningful relationships can change your life for the better.  Friendships flourish when they’re cared for and celebrated.  Blossoming friendships make us feel worthy, understood, and excited for the future!

Here are six photo gifts that your loved ones will be overjoyed to receive this Valentine’s Day – and you’ll be overjoyed to give!

A Mini Book of Positivity

Memories with friends are filled with happiness, love, and laughter.  Many of our best times are those spent surrounded by our cherished friends.  These special experiences serve as the perfect inspiration for a mini book of positivity.

Our favorite way to create a mini book packed with positivity is to pair your photos with things you’re grateful for.  Collect any little snapshots from time with friends.  This can include anything from photos from dinners you’ve been to together, to group selfies or pictures of friends’ pets.  Then, connect those photos with something to be grateful for.  For example, photos from a celebratory brunch can be arranged on a page with the words “A future full of celebrations.”  Fill each page with a different thing to be grateful for, and a personal photo to accompany it!

Personalized mini books filled with positivity and gratitude can make adorable gifts for the whole friend group.  Print a copy for each of your pals. Leave the first page blank and you’ll be able to add a specific note to each friend.  Before you know it, your mini gratitude books will be everyone’s favorite friend group tradition!  The Valentine’s brunch and gift exchange will become a highlight of the year.

Framed Photos

Framed photos are a simple but incredible gift. For this occasion, we recommend frames with stands. This makes them the perfect decor for desks, dressers, and side tables! Order a handful of 8.5×11 inch prints – one with each of your pals – and pair it with the perfect frame.

Frames can be notoriously pricey, so here’s a tip for staying in budget with a large group: go frame hunting at your local thrift shops and antique stores! You’re sure to find beautiful, vintage, one-of-a-kind frames. This will give each gift an individualized touch that surely won’t go unnoticed by your friends!

Customized Coasters

Choose from group photos, loving quotes, group travel snapshots, and other meaningful pictures to create meaningful custom coaster sets.

What we especially love about coaster set gifts is that they’ll be part of celebrations going forward! This is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your hostess-with-the-mostest friend.  Create a set for Mom and Dad if they’re regularly hosting family parties; Make matching sets for the gals if you all alternate through weekly wine night; Make a set for your adult children.  Whether they’re hosting a Fantasy Football draft or a Bachelor watch party, they’ll love this subtle nod of love from their parents – but do be sure to keep this one subtle!

Heartfelt Greeting Cards

Celebrate friends far and wide.  Our customizable greeting cards are the perfect way to surprise long-distance loved ones with a heartfelt message.

With our card builder, it’s easy to create your own premium and personalized cards.  To share your creations in bulk, we recommend featuring a fun but generic photo; This may be a photo of your dog, a picture of you and your child, or a playful portrait. Then add a generic but heartfelt note.

This note will vary based on your relationship with the recipients! If you’re mailing cards to relatives you’ve lost touch with, a more formal “We miss you!” message will suffice.  If you’re reaching out to old college friends who share your sense of humor, they’ll love a funny message.  Remind them that they missed a beer date with the one who got away – you, of course!

Flowers That Last Forever

Photo prints of flowers are a great Valentine’s Day gift for friends – and not just because you get to say “I got you flowers!”  Flower prints let you demonstrate your attention to detail.  If you know your friends favorite flowers, don’t miss the opportunity to turn them into meaningful and beautiful art!

Permanent flowers will also serve as a permanent reminder for your friend that someone cares for them.  Flowers carry a strong meaning for many people; It’s not unusual for people to remember the times they received flowers – and the times they didn’t.  When you gift your friends with flower prints, you soften the pain of all the missing flowers of their past.  Whether they’re celebrating Valentine’s Day in a happy relationship or single, your gift will remind them that they’ll always be loved, no matter what.


Our customizable notepads are cute – there’s no denying it! They make the perfect simple yet motivational gift for all your pals.  Remind your loved ones you’re rooting for them with a loving photo right alongside their to-do list.  Create a notepad with a motivational quote from a movie your friend group watched together for an inside joke turned motivator!  You can even print your notepad with something simply pretty. Tell your friends to use this notepad exclusively for their biggest dreams.

This Valentine’s Day gift for friends is the perfect intersection of easy, versatile, and memorable!