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Photographing Families from the Pros – 5 Tips

Author: Collaborator - Printique by Adorama

How do the pros make it look so effortless when photographing families? Curious? We were too, so we asked a few to give us some of their favorite tips. Here are the five best tips to photographing families from professional photographers.

1. Directional Play @danielleguentherphotos

I often will ask them to do races, in the beginning, to get children excited and get some nervous energy out of them. I’ll ask them to stand in a line and hold hands and run at me. Or I’ll switch it up and have the parents in the back with the kids running towards me. When I start the session like this, it gets the children excited to think it’s all about fun and games.

2. Free Play @cmahoney_photo

Let the kids play first. This gives you time to photograph them while playing and acting naturally, and they will be more likely to stay still for group photos.

3. Long Lens @mirzakudic

Just tell them to hang and play with the kids. Sit back and capture it with a long lens so they forget you’re even there. You’ll get some real genuine moments.


4. Keep Hands Busy @daniela_ciuffaphotography

When you’re ready to get a picture of the group, give the little ones focus by giving them something to hold. Have the parents bring a tiny toy or have them hold a leaf or rock. Once the littles have something to keep their hands busy, they are better able to focus.

5. Take Breaks @studio32

Have parents bring snacks for the kids. It’s important for everyone (parents included) to take small snack breaks. Take this time to talk to the parents and the children. Strengthen your relationship. Remember the parents are typically nervous and the kids typically pick up on this nervous energy. The more relaxed and comfortable everyone is, the more the photos will be authentic.
photo book by printique on bed showing familly on beach
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