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Level Up Your Photography Business with These 4 Prints

Author: The Printique Team

If you’re a self-employed photographer, you play the role of way more than just a photographer – but we don’t have to tell you! As your business’s accountant, customer service representative, social media manager, and head of marketing, there’s undoubtedly a lot on your plate. Here are four photo prints that will ease your load while converting happy clients into high paying customers time and time again.

A Physical Portfolio

While having an online presence is essential for an artist, there is an attractiveness to having a physical portfolio. Leo Mascaro advises, “Although we’ve been spending more and more time in the digital world these days, I believe that physical portfolios still have their place.”

“Physical portfolios are very useful for people who try to get their work shown in galleries, or selling artwork at shows and such,” Nicole Zelkowitz adds. It is astounding how much different an image can look when printed! Seeing your work physically in hand rather than on a screen can bring an image to life in ways that may not be expected.

Having a physical portfolio can be a game-changer if you are going to an in-person interview. The moment you hand the interviewer a packet consisting of your resume, cover letter, and portfolio, it leaves a lasting impression. Especially if you made a copy just for them, such as a softcover book.

Sample Albums

Often clients will finish a session with more loveable images than they know what to do with. After they have decided which wall portraits, gifts, and personal prints they would like to purchase, they are often still left with images they adore. A great way to help them purchase those images and keep them forever is to provide photo books and albums. That’s where sample albums become incredible assets!

“If you don’t show it, you can’t sell it. Clients like to touch and feel the products to help imagine how their images will work in those products,” says photographer Troy Schroeder.

Keeping photo studio samples on hand at the time of the sale is an important tool to help your clients visualize their own books and albums, while showing the quality of the products you offer. Check out the three sample albums we recommend every photographer has on-hand.

Looking for a streamlined way to sell photo products directly to your clients? Learn more about the client gallery feature of our Pro Services.

Displays of Your Work

Whether your photography storefront is an office in your home or a fully operating retail location, displaying your work in your professional space is a way to subtly present your portfolio and drive critical sales.

There is a common thread in many successful photography businesses that in order to sell photo products, you have to show those products!  What better way to show your products than with large wall displays that capture your photography in all its glory?

Not only will large displays nudge your clients in the direction of purchasing prints of your work, but they also showcase your range.  Make a family in your studio fall in love with the pet photography you do, or show an engagement shoot client your spectacular wedding photography talents.

Targeted Thank You Cards

As any small business owner will tell you, adding public relations and branding tasks on top of your business responsibilities can feel like too much; They’ll also tell you how crucial it is.

Enter the targeted thank you card. Equal parts PR and brand management, a thank you card is the perfect touchpoint to stay connected and top of mind during the most critical times of the year. We recommend sending these intentional thank you cards at a few specific points.

Send them as you approach the one-year anniversary of previous bookings; If you did photography for a newborn, an engagement, or a wedding, a reminiscent thank you card as the anniversary approaches not only demonstrates thoughtfulness on your end but can also inspire your client to book an anniversary session.

Send them at the end of the year; Not only does this keep your foot in the door as clients head into a new year, but it makes you accessible during prime photo session season – from family holiday card shoots to intimate photo sessions for the gifting season.

Send them for birthdays; If you know when your client’s birthday is, invest the less-than-$5 cost of sending them a customized birthday card! This lets them know that you’re thinking of them on their special day – and it doesn’t hurt that they may have some extra spending money on hand during this time of year.