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The Dos and Don’ts of Family Photos

Author: The Printique Team

Ryan Polei/flickr

Ryan Polei/flickr

Family portrait day can be stressful for everyone — Mom wants everything to be perfect, the kids just want to goof off, and photographers have to somehow deal with the whole gang. But sometimes embracing the chaos can actually produce the best picture, as it’ll show off your family’s unique dynamic.
Contrary to popular belief, trying to keep everything fully under control during a photoshoot is actually one of the biggest mistakes you can make — you end up with unnatural-looking portraits that are an absolute drag to take, and an even bigger drag to look at afterwards.
Having some fun during your family photoshoot will help everyone relax, feel happy, and look their very best.
Now let’s move on to a few other dos and don’ts for organizing a memorable photo shoot and guaranteeing yourself some awesome prints.


1. Pick a Creative Pose.

Statue-like poses with forced, painted-on smiles are the worst when it comes to professional photographs. Experimenting with positioning will make your photos more appealing — try lying down, walking around, or even climbing something. A little creativity can’t hurt.

2. Highlight Relationships.

Don’t be afraid to show some PDA! These photos should capture your relationships, so hug, hold hands, and even kiss to highlight your affection for one another. Physical closeness can also put you at ease, which will result in more natural-looking photos.

3. Color-Coordinate.

Not everyone has to wear the exact same color, but being in the same area of the color wheel can boost your photo’s aesthetic. Give your pics some personality by wearing similar shades, coordinating styles of clothing, or mixing and matching complementary colors.

4. Experiment with Angles.

Who says a family portrait has to be shot straight-on? Ask your photographer to switch things up! Getting close up, low, high, or off-center can drastically change the look and feel of your pictures.

5. Stagger heights.

Posing from tallest to shortest almost always looks contrived and boring. Mixing up the heights will add an interesting dynamic to your photos and make them appear less posed.



1. Be Bossy.

Let everyone have a say! Accepting ideas from every family member as well as the photographer will lead to some unique, individualized shots. And allowing the kids to get in on the fun will keep them engaged and smiling.

2. Get an Extreme Makeover.

Haircut? Yes. Manicure? Sure! Electric blue highlights? Probably not. You want your photos to be representative of who you and your family really are, and you also want to feel as comfortable as possible. Taking a chance on a new look could lead to an uncomfortable shoot and disappointing photos.

3. Start to Panic.

If the kids are running around and you’re feeling like your shoot is a disaster, then take a break. Ask your photographer if you can see some of the shots, and you might be relieved. Keep in mind that your photos should show your family’s true colors. If that means that the baby is upside-down in half of the photos, that’s okay!

4. Forget About Decor.

Before deciding on outfits, think about what kind of background you want in your photo. If you’ve taken the time to create mantle space for the new portrait in your lovely living room, then you probably don’t want to spot a garbage can behind your family.

5. Be So Serious!

Second to snagging the perfect photograph, the goal is to have some fun! Yes, you’re paying for these pictures and you want them to look fantastic, but that doesn’t mean you have to be miserable. Take some time to laugh and have a good time with the people you love — that way, you’re bound to fill each frame with genuine smiles.

Great Shots Make Beautiful Photo Books

Printique’s photo books offer the perfect way to organize and display all of your favorite family shots in one place. With a variety of stylish cover choices and sizes at your disposal, you can create a customized keepsake for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. And their unique templates and user-friendly design tools help you make a photo book that is distinctly you.
What should go in your book? Including every photo from the shoot will make your book too cluttered, so just pick out some of your absolute favorites. Be sure to pick a size that works for you, and highlight your favorite moments carefully — you can even use your favorite picture in a full-page spread, if you’d like. After a fun (and maybe frantic) photo shoot, you’re bound to end up with some gems.