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Free to Print: Winter Sports Posters

Author: The Printique Team

The 2022 Winter Olympics came to a close last weekend, but we’re not quite ready to say goodbye to winter sports! We combed through thousands of images to find the perfect free-to-print winter sports posters – and it did not disappoint! Winter lovers, get ready to right click and download your way to winter wonderland with our top 8 vintage winter sport poster picks.

Here’s how to download a free-to-use copy of the printables you love the most!

– Click the image of the printable you want to download. You’ll be taken to the image’s download page.

– Right click the large version of the image that appears on your screen.

– Click download!

You can then use the image however you please. We recommend printing these images on poster prints or fine art prints. Happy printing!

This National Ski Association Poster

With its gradient blues and mesmerizing overlay of squiggles, this National Ski Association poster totally stole our hearts! Play to its vintage fade with white matting and a light wash wood frame; You’ll have yourself a piece of wall décor you’ll be eager to display for many winters to come!

This 1960’s Winter Olympics Poster

We love the blend of photo and illustration used in this poster. With its nod to figure skating, hockey, speed skating and other Olympic sports, this poster is an absolute winter-sports masterpiece!

This 1980 Lake Placid Olympics Poster

Fun fonts, splashes of color, and an ode to one of the most legendary winter Olympics in history? Sign us up! We love the way this design pairs with thick matting and a black frame. It gives this display a preserved and encased look, making the art piece feel more valuable and irreplaceable.

This Skiing in the East Poster

Originally the cover of northeastern skiing guide, this poster design features the names of 8 northeastern states; Shout out New York! It’s winter blues and exciting fonts capture the quintessential vintage ski aesthetic.

Warning: Hang this poster up, and you’ll be endlessly eager to hit the slopes!

This Montreal Winter Sports Poster

The crisp white color in this poster makes its artistic elements really pop! It’s a fun, vibrant piece of art that will add to your walls while letting you maintain a chic and minimalist feel. Its depiction of a clear-skied winter day in Montreal has us ready to book our tickets – but staring at this dreamy poster will have to do for now!

This New York Loves Winter Poster

As New Yorkers, we may be a bit bias in our love for this poster – but there’s no arguing the facts! We love the love this poster shows for our epic home state.

Capture your love for the best season and (one of) the best states by bringing this poster to life!

This Winter Sports Poster

While faceless people would usually creep us out, we love the retro aesthetic it adds to this Winter Sports poster! If your interior décor rocks earthy tones like beige, browns, and greens, this poster will be the perfect addition to your space. Bonus points if your space just happens to be a snowy cabin!

This 1940’s Winter Festival Poster

What’s not to love about this chaotic winter sports poster? With its mix of reds and blues and juxtaposing texts, it’s fit to add character to any wall – no matter how bare!

This Ice Roller Skating Poster

While we’re not exactly sure what “ice roller skating” is, this poster definitely makes us want to try! With its notice of a 20¢ admission fee and a sport that sounds equal parts terrifying and fun, this free printable is a one-of-a-kind conversation starter.