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5 DIY Ways to Photograph Your Child for Valentine’s Day

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama

Well, hello Cupid! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to snap some shots of your little minions. From sweet to silly, we found five #DIY, cute ideas for you to photograph your child for Valentine’s Day.
printique-valentines-day-photo-ideas11.With Heart
This one is pretty darn simple. You can either make your own heart or buy one of those heart-shaped candy boxes. The trick is to do it at a different angle. Instead of having your mini-me standing with it, let them play and get comfortable. Candids are always the best.
Most of us have seen the Disney Movie Up and admired the love story behind it. Incorporate a heart-shaped balloon into your photo shoot and you have your own love story to tell.

3. Hats off to You
For the tiniest of the babes, simply put a love hat on their head, and that’s all that’s needed. Remember with the babies to keep it sweet and simple or KISS for short!
4. Busy Body
Have an active one that won’t stand still for a photograph? That’s cool. Try this – do an activity together that is Valentine’s Day themed and snap shots along the way. Bake cookies, make cards or count conversation hearts, it will all lead to a fun photo shoot.
printique-valentines-day-photo-ideas55. Snack Time
Let them eat cake.. or cookies or whatever you like as long as it’s Valentine’s Day themed. This is the easiest you can either snap them right before it gets messy embrace the mess and the aftermath. The main thing is to just snap it, share it and print it!
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