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10 Can’t-Miss Thanksgiving Photos

Author: The Printique Team

It’s the love, the laughter and the support around the table that makes Thanksgiving such a special holiday.  This year, capture those irreplaceable moments. We’ve put together a list of can’t-miss Thanksgiving photos; between laughter, oversized bites, and celebratory clinks, keep your eyes peeled for these must-have photo ops.

The Food

It’s what’s on our minds and in our hearts in the days leading up to Thanksgiving – so don’t let it pass by in a flash! Make sure you photograph every extravagant dish, from the main course to the delectable side dishes.  Capture everything that fills your Thanksgiving meal with gratitude – and don’t miss the aesthetic cocktails and holiday-quality wine!

All Hands on Deck

The magic of a Thanksgiving meal doesn’t happen by accident. Photograph the work that goes into every dish by bringing your camera behind the scenes. There will be laughter, chaos, and an oh-so-familiar level of holiday stress; you don’t want to miss it!  Between snapping photos, make sure you lend a hand in some of the cooking.

The Home

There are few times during the year when the home will be cozier than it is on Thanksgiving.  Capture all that coziness while you still can!

For the perfect cozy shot, step outside and photograph the warm glow of people celebrating through the window.

Signs of the Times

There are any number of things that will serve as a sign of the times when you look back at old photos; Is your cousin wearing her new engagement ring? Is your sister sporting a baby bump? Does your nephew have his first full head of hair? These little milestone moments are the ones you’ll be happiest to have captured when flipping through photo prints one day.

The Little Ones

Whether they’re sneaking off to coordinate a surprise talent show or playing with their mashed potatoes at the table, children will always find their own interesting way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Their childhood moments will go by in a flash, make sure you preserve it while you can.

Thanksgiving Outfits

From sweaters to stockings to flannel prints, many of us will be pulling out all the stops on Thanksgiving.  Make sure the dinner guests aren’t the only ones who get to see everyone’s incredible outfit!

Everybody Together

It’s not every day that we get to gather with all of our loved ones, so make sure you photograph it while you have the chance. Take a group photo of the crowded dinner table as well and another all outside; unless it’s extra chilly where you’re celebrating! In that case, gather together on the couch or in front of the home’s prettiest wall. Cozy up and snap away!

Hellos and Goodbyes

It’s during those first hellos and final goodbyes that the most tender moments will transpire. Be ready with your camera to capture warm embraces, candid laughter, and love-filled smiles – especially if some of your guests haven’t seen each other in years.

Disposables, Polaroids, and Film

Capture the sentimentality and nostalgia of the evening by snapping some photos on a disposable, Polaroid, or film camera. Ask around in the family to see who has what before you head over for the celebration.

The Aftermath

It might not feel like the most photogenic time of the night, when the dishes are piled high in the sink and splashes of red wine and gravy are decorating the table cloth, but keep your camera at the ready even after the food is gone.  Those moments where you’re all sat at the table, focusing on finishing up the your last few bites of pie, is where the best conversation happens. Through the laughter and storytelling, it’s there that you’ll be able to capture the true essence of Thanksgiving.