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Paper Works

Paper Works

The right paper works wonders. While there’s hard science at work here, the simple reality is: Photographs on high-end photo paper look stunningly better than photographs on non-photo press paper. Colors saturate and leap, contrasts deepen and define, brilliance becomes brighter, emotion is multiplied and delight is amplified (anecdotal evidence only).

Chemistry of Delight

There’s chemistry in the paper and the process. There’s also chemistry in your mind as you instantly process the clearly superior images.

Other makers realize the difficulty, expense and level of craftsmanship required to offer photo paper-only books and choose not to. We have a long history of commitment to making great pictures and photo paper is a critical element of great picture-making.

  1. From afar
  2. Up close

Beauty In The Science

This is a case of Delightful vs. Good Enough. This side-by-side comparison contrasts the exact same photo, one produced on Printique photo paper and the other on a competitor’s press paper. Without having to know one thing about chemical interactions, image-friendly elements or color saturation levels, you instantly know everything.

Beauty In The Science
  1. Clarity in the air vs. Smog in the air

  2. Bright red jacket vs. Too-many-washes jacket

  3. Reflecting brilliance vs. Reflecting poorly

  4. Freshly painted home vs. Weather-beaten house

  5. Green grass vs. Not-quite-green grass

The quality of depth, detail, saturation, contrast, clarity, color authenticity and overall delight factor clearly belongs to AdoramaPix.

While the example is striking… it’s still a photo of a photo. When you unwrap your photo book, the full impact of photo paper superiority will be overwhelming (in the best possible way).

This side-by side comparison is free of all hocus and all pocus. Any retouching or adjustments were made equally and exactly to both images.

Come Face-To-Face With Quality

This side-by-side comparison is free of all hocus and all pocus. Any retouching or adjustments were made equally and exactly to both images.

Come Face-To-Fact With Quality
  1. Color Accuracy

    Rich and realistically attractive vs. Pale, pink and washed out

  2. Tonal Range

    Depth of darks and shadow details vs. Washed out and blown out hues

  3. Transitions

    Natural, smooth and graduated tones vs. Abrupt banding and blocking of tones

Two exact photos—one produced by us and one by a competitor, literally cut from a photo book for your inspection. Why a face? Because skin tones are difficult. They represent what is referred to as “memory colors”. These are colors in a context that we all have an inherent familiarity with—natural greens, sky blues, wood browns and skin tones. Balancing the complexity of human skin tones takes patience, precision and photo paper. Watch faces light up when looking through your new Printique photo book.

No manipulations, no mirrors and no photo-foolery—just Printique vs. a competitor. All things equal, fair and legitimate.

Chemical & Emotional Reactions

Standard, office supply paper sprayed with ink vs. photo-specific paper chemically transformed via light. One glance and you’ll instantly and intuitively see the light. Thanks mainly to Hewlett Packard (HP Indigo), digital press printing (which we happily use for many of our non-photo book services) has made remarkable advances; yet, it still falls short of chemically developed images on real photo paper. Our photos are produced on professional lines or Fuji Crystal Archive.

Photopaer frames


Photo paper is simply thicker and more satisfying. A press paper photo book pales next to an Printique photo paper photo book.



First your eyes will feel it and then your fingers will feel it. Textured and inviting to the touch.

Their pages

Their Pages

Be careful not to tear our competitors’ flimsy and wimpy pages.

Our pages

Our Pages

We admit, it takes a bit more effort to turn our bold and sturdy pages.

Paper Perfected. Paper Preferred.

There's one very important choice that we’ve already made for you: All of our papers are 100% professional-grade photo paper. So you’re already ahead of the pack.

Paper style makes a dramatic difference. Elements like shine level, color saturation and surface texture are just a few factors at work. If you don’t have a defined preference in paper, do not agonize over it. You can start your book in Luster and change it later in the process.

  1. Luster

    Best for: First-time photo bookers with no bias for paper style…except that it should be beautiful. Lowest cost and highly recommended as a great overall paper choice.

    See details
  2. Glossy

    Best for: If you love the shine, you are a Glossy fan. A very bright, distinctive look that costs a bit more than Luster.

    See details
  3. Silk

    Best for: Weddings, the gowns of weddings, portraiture, seascapes and snow scenes with its tactile surface’s ability to bring out shimmer and subtle brilliance.

    See details
  4. Deep Matte
    Deep Matte

    Best for: Those with significant photo experience and an appreciation of nuanced imagery. Not recommended for work with dense shadows and rich blacks.

    See details
  5. Linen

    Best for: Those experienced with paper selection interested in a sophisticated, slightly larger texture with copyright security.

    See details
  6. Pebble

    Best for: Seasoned buyers looking to add a luxe, artistic or custom feel, while building in copyright protection.

    See details

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