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Your Weekend Print Project

Author: The Printique Team

Ready to learn the steps to an easy, inexpensive, and rewarding print project? We call it the 50 for $15 project, and it allows you to engage with the most inspiring and meaningful images in your archives. Turn 30 minutes and $15 into an order of 50 classic photo prints that will influence your relationship with photography for all the better!

4×5 photo prints created by photographer Jason Hunter.

Step 1: Collect your favorite photos.

First, you’ll want to pull your favorite photos from the archives. There are a handful of ways we recommend doing this, depending on the relationship you have with photography.

If you’re a professional, semi-professional, or long-term hobbyist photographer:

Browse your folders and camera cards for the pictures that most excite you.  Does the symmetry in one of your photographs make your heart sing? Did you take your best ever portrait recently? Have your black and white photographs begun to capture something seemingly beyond the physical world? Make sure each of your favorite photographs from the past few months is included in your deck. To create the most dynamic collection, highlight a range of your strengths.

4×5 photo prints created by photographer Ryan Yero.

If you share your photos regularly on social media:

Explore your social media feeds and note your highest quality images.  If you’re someone with an intentionally curated Instagram feed, we recommend printing each of your Instagram photos.  When your prints arrive, you’ll know exactly how to arrange them in a gallery or scrapbook to create an aesthetic collage. 

If you post to social media in bulk without much selectivity, try to make a note of the general area of your feed or albums that the pictures you love are located in.  This will make uploading your images using our favorite trick much easier when it comes time to do so!

If you’re primarily a mobile photographer:

Scroll through your phone’s camera roll and ‘favorite’ your best pictures.  This will isolate them in your ‘favorites’ album and make them easy to locate and upload when it comes time to place your print order.

Pro tip: Do you have an iPhone? If so, it’s possible to sort your phone’s pictures by location.  This is a great way to find photos you remember taking but just can’t seem to locate in your chaotic camera roll.  Go to the albums page of your photo app. Scroll down about one full screen and you’ll see the “People & Places” category.  Click on places and you’ll be able to zoom in on various locations.  The pictures you took in a given location will show up as you zoom in on the map.

A preview of our mobile app, Printique Photos.

Step 2: Upload your photos to be ordered.

Once you’ve selected your photos, you’ll want to upload them to your Printique galleries to be printed.

If you’re printing from a desktop computer, place all of your selected images into a folder. Then, just upload that folder to your Printique galleries.  From here, you’ll be able to approve and order your prints in seconds.

If you’re printing photos from your social media feed, connect your social media profiles directly to your Printique galleries for a seamless and high-quality upload.  We detail this super simple process in our guide to social media prints.

Uploading from your camera roll? Lucky for you, we have a new mobile app that allows you to print your best mobile photographs directly from your phone.  Simply download Printique Photos, sign in to your Printique account, and upload the photos you’ve selected from your camera roll!  Our mobile app also has an auto sync feature; If you love printing your photos as much as we do, turning this feature on will turn printing your best shots into a 30 second process.

4×5 photo prints shared on Instagram by photographer Jason Hunter.

Step 3: Finalize the details of your order.

Our 3.5x5in, 4x5in, and 4x6in print sizes will bring your order total for 50 photo prints to $15.50, so we recommend choosing any of those sizes for this project. For the same price, you’ll also be able to choose either a luster, glossy, or matte finish.

After uploading your pictures, our system will automatically assign each photo with either a horizontal or vertical crop, based on the image’s composition; But you’ll be able to give the final sign off on your photo’s cropping before your order is submitted, to make sure each photo is printed exactly as you want it!

Why do we love this project?

We’ve covered dozens of photography projects on our insights page, so what makes this project so special?

It reignites your love for the craft.

By bringing your most exciting images to life and holding them in your hands, you’ll feel the rush of passion you once felt with every shutter click.  You’ll be eager to hit the road, camera in hand, and challenge your previous bests.

Tweet from photographer Ryan Yero.

In a world of endless content feeds and incredible photographers at every turn, it’s not unusual to lose site of what drew you to the creative space in the first place. You may start to question what you bring to the table or wonder if you have what it takes to succeed in a community so full of talent.

Printing your photos reminds you that photography is so much more than just capturing moments; It’s a method of creation. When you hold your tangible creations in your hands, you’ll remember that you didn’t start taking photos for the sake of engagement or praise; You did it for this feeling – the feeling of immortalizing something that would otherwise have been lost forever.

Tweet from photographer Ryan Yero.

It helps you fine tune your style.

By looking at all of your favorite photographs collectively, you’ll quickly learn what aspects of your photography you love the most; And it might just surprise you! Perhaps you thought cityscapes were your strong suit but discover you’re most enamored by your countryside photography. Maybe you realize you have a gift for portrait work, or a knack for black and whites. There’s no better way to learn your strengths than by seeing your photos all together.

After putting your finger on the pulse of your photography, you’ll be able to approach photography through a new and improved lens.

4×5 photo prints created by photographer Zach Munroe.

It’s the start of a meaningful tradition.

Regularly printing your favorite photos will quickly result in a stunning – and enormous! – collection. 

If you’re printing family snapshots from your social media or camera roll, you’ll be able to create an incredible and ever-growing family scrapbook.  Monthly print orders can become an exciting activity for the whole family; Reminisce on your most precious memories from the past month while making new ones as you craft your prints into a treasured book of family moments.

Your large collection of classic photo prints can also be utilized as any number of functional mementos. Decorate your refrigerator; Create custom book marks; Accessorize your phone by locking prints in place with a clear phone case.

The opportunities are endless when it comes to classic photo prints.

You can use them to create engaging social media content.

If you’re a photographer, you know how critical of a role social media can play in booking clients and making sales.  Small prints of your most aesthetic photos can be turned into engaging video and photo content across every platform.

Take this video by photographer Jason Hunter for example. He was able to inspire conversation, receive likes and retweets, and prompt repeating views with this fun and impressive display of his photography.

By highlighting different photos in each piece of content, you’ll be able to turn an order of 50 prints into dozens of reels, TikToks, Instagram posts, tweets, and Pinterest pins!

Ready to create something incredible?

That’s all there is to it! Create something incredible today. Share your results with us on social media and we’ll be sure to show your work the love it deserves!