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Social Media Prints: A Guide

Author: The Printique Team

Social media: It’s a place where many of our memories, photos, accomplishments, and even relationships live.  It’s the first place we go to share engagement pictures, newborn photos, or couple photos in front of a new house.  Our social media friends may see this year’s holiday card before it goes out in the mail or know about big news before the loved ones who aren’t on the same platforms. All of the incredible moments that we love to share with our online friends deserve to be preserved. Social media prints are the way to do it!

Whether you’re celebrating wins, documenting little memories, or sharing funny moments, we’re here for everything that social media has to offer. Social media allows us to stay in touch with people we love, no matter the distance or difference in schedules.  It lets us compile a highlight reel of our lives to experience over and over again. And hey – sometimes you just need a place to share the things you’re proud of.  Now, it’s an easy way to curate incredible, print-worthy photos.

Our platform makes it easy to turn your social media feeds into prints that reflect the best moments of your month, year, or season!  By syncing your social media accounts to your Printique galleries, you can print your favorite photos in minutes and bring your best images to life. Here’s why we love social media prints!

They keep your good-as-gold photos from being buried.

While profile displays such as Instagram’s make it easy to revisit old posts, your photos can still easily be buried under years and years of additional content.  When you print your favorite posts in a book or collage, you make it easy to find the pictures that make you the happiest.

With book titles like “Summer 2021” or “Senior Year of College,” you’ll be able to find all of your favorite posts, no matter how many have come after! If you prefer classic photo prints, creating a collage of your favorite posts will turn your archive of photos into a museum display. You’ll be filled with joy every time you see it; And it doesn’t hurt that it looks beautiful as well!

Pro tip? Explore our range of classic print sizes and mini book orientations to find the size that best displays your social media photos. Photographer Jason Hunter orders his photos as 4×5 prints so he can print in bulk for a great price!

A spread of 50 photo prints from photographer Jason Hunter.

You can relive memories beyond a digital medium.

Sometimes we all need a phone break.  Whether you want to take a breather from scrolling through seemingly perfect lives on Instagram, or need a break from being 100% accessible to friends, family, and coworkers, taking a step away from your phone has a proven positive effect on your mental health.

But a phone break, or a technology break as a whole, shouldn’t take away from the pleasure of reminiscing on happy memories.  Bringing your social media posts into the physical form is the perfect way to pull highlights from the sometimes-damaging social media environment.  Ordering monthly social media books only takes minutes and can become a wholesome tradition that your entire family looks forward to: flipping through the book together when it arrives!

Our book builder also offers an automatic fill option, which arranges each of your photos into a gorgeous design with just the click of a button.

A mini photo book made of social media prints.

Social media prints are great for business.

If you’re a small business owner, especially in the photography space, your Instagram and Facebook can take on the role of a digital portfolio.  By syncing your social media platforms with Printique, you can easily turn these digital portfolios into tangible assets.

Not only does this give you a professional edge in client meetings, but it’s an adorable way to cross promote your social media pages.  Whether a client sees your social media prints during a meeting or while visiting your business’s location, they’ll be eager to connect with you on various platforms when they leave.

Social media prints are also a great mailed marketing asset.  Sending Year in Review mini books to your biggest clients from the year is an incredible and simple way to start the new year strong!

They make decorating easy.

It’s not unusual for our wall galleries to reflect our social media platforms; Both aim to highlight our happiest and most aesthetic memories. They also tend to take on the same grid-like structure, meaning the photos that look gorgeous on your Instagram feed will look gorgeous in a 3-wide gallery.

When you sync your Instagram to your Printique account, you can easily select and order your Instagram photos as the original uploaded file; That means no low-quality screenshots, no cropping, no tedious manual syncing between your phone and your desktop.  Plus, when synced from Instagram, Printique names your file with the caption of your photo. Each of our standard prints come with the photo’s file name printed on the back, which means that your Instagram print will come with its caption! How cool is that?

A gallery of travel photos created from social media prints.

How do you create social media prints?

You’ve got the social media posts and you’ve got the ideas; How do you print them with ease?

First, select what you would like to print. We recommend a photo book for those who post regularly (one or more times a day, or multiple Facebook albums a month), a mini book for anyone looking to highlight a specific time period (such as summer of a specific year), and standard prints for those who want to put their memories on outward facing display!

Once you’ve selected your product, click “create your prints.”

Next, you’ll be prompted to select an upload source. It will look like the photo above. Simply select the platform you’d like to upload from.

If you want to create a book of both your Facebook and Instagram photos, don’t worry! You can create multi-platform social media prints in just three clicks. First, start with one social media. Once one set of photos has uploaded, click “Add Photos.” Then select the other platform and upload the rest of your photos!

Authorize access to your uploads.

After selecting your desired platform, you have to authorize Printique.com to access your posted photos.

Note: This does not give Printique access to contacts, messages, private information or posting ability. It means only that our website can read and download the photos you’ve shared. Just like when you upload them to our site manually!

A preview of the Instagram sync feature used to create social media prints.

Your social media photos will appear like the gorgeous gallery above! If you wish to upload all of your social media photos, click “Import All” in the top left corner. Otherwise, scroll through your social media posts selecting your favorites. When you’re done, click “Proceed to Order Setup”.

The screen while our program arranges your photos in our auto load feature.

If you’re creating a mini book or photo book, this is when you’ll have the opportunity to utilize our auto fill feature. In just seconds, your photo uploads will be displayed incredibly across the pages of your book!

That’s all there is to it. You uploaded your social media posts! Click “Order” and your social media prints will be on their way to you.