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Your Kid’s Art as a Gallery Wall

Author: Collaborator - Printique by Adorama

Written by Kayli Thompson

Your kids come home from school with what feels like millions of papers. And among those are endless amounts of artwork. Add to that what they make at home and you’re looking at more artwork on your hands than you know what to do with. You can’t keep it all, but you also feel bad about throwing it all out. But what good is it if it just sits in a pile or in a folder somewhere until their high school graduation when you haul it out to display?

That’s where creating a wall gallery of your child’s art comes in handy. You can pick and choose the ones that are special to you and/or your child to frame and hang. With wall galleries, they can be spread across as much of your wall as you want with various size photos and pieces. Plus, you can mix in other pieces to make it meaningful and make it pop. We’ve outlined six steps to building a wall gallery with your child’s art.

You’ll need to decide where in your home you want to put it and how many pieces you want to include. This can seem overwhelming but with our Wall Design Wizard, it’s easier than ever. You can look at different arrangements and sizes of pieces to get a feel for what you like best. Once you’ve done that, the hard part is over. Now you just get to do the fun parts.

Go through your child’s art.

Next, you’ll want to go through your child’s art (I know, probably an insurmountable task!) and find the ones you like, they like, or are special to one of you. Obviously, you’ll have to be careful because the younger they are, the more your kids tend to feel like every piece is special. It would be good to pick ones of various sizes too so you can have a balanced gallery. Also, pay attention to the colors used in the art, try to select a few that are vibrant.

Mix in different elements.

You won’t want the gallery to be full of just art. The point of wall galleries is to add in different elements to bring it all together. So, after choosing the art, you’ll want to think about what else to include. The easiest thing would be prints of your children. You can do this by either ordering different size prints that you frame yourself (or allow us to frame it for you) or by printing on a different material like canvas for those beautiful, family portraits, acrylic for when you have vibrant or colorful candid photos, or wood if you have any of your kids with nature or landscape backgrounds.

Scan your favorite pieces.

In addition, if you have the energy and capability, you could scan in a few pieces of your child’s art and order larger prints on different material. Doing this can mix up the wall gallery and your child will probably be excited to see their art printed on a large canvas. They might even want to have a say in what type of material you choose to print it on. Getting them involved in little ways in this process can be fun and help make it more meaningful for both of you.

Add sentimental touches.

Other ideas to include in the wall gallery are word art, favorite poems, melted crayon art (that you can do together), and framed memories like scraps from their favorite blanket (if they’re not still using it), a photo print of a book you read to them a lot, or a shadowbox filled with different items that hold sweet memories. You can intersperse these pieces throughout the art and photo prints bringing a nice balance to your wall gallery.

Now that you’ve collected or chosen everything you want to put in your wall gallery, it’s time to figure out sizes and how you want to arrange it. Since you know what size your child’s art is, you can lay those pieces out on the floor and figure out what sizes you want to order any prints in along with other pieces you include. If you need any guidance or feel like looking at the pieces just isn’t helping, be sure to use our Wall Design Wizard where you can get help with size choices and arrangements.

Following these steps will provide you with a beautiful wall gallery of your child’s art; Plus, memorable prints and pieces that you’ll enjoy looking at for years to come. Your kids will think it’s pretty neat too.