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Luminaries Art Show at 19th Street Gallery

Author: Gabrielle Grace

The Artist: Photographer Rafael Fuchs

Let’s set the scene: Photofairs NYC at the Javits Center in 2023. I was at the booth at Elijah Wheat Showroom, representing the work of Rhiannon Adam, a London-based Photographer who has mastered the art of Polaroid Emulsion Lifts. While standing in our booth, I met Rafael Fuchs and we got to talking. I realized I had viewed a solo show of his work just months before…

LUMINARIES with Rafael Fuchs

“Luminaries” (plural noun) A person who inspires or influences others, especially one prominent in a particular sphere. (Dictionary)

I originally became aware of Rafael’s work when I saw his solo exhibition ICONS at the Kube Art Center in Beacon, New York. ICONS was a massive show in a renovated gymnasium that now serves as a contemporary art space owned by Ethan Cohen Gallery.

Considering the early 2000s renaissance currently surging in culture, along with the kooky backdrops and imaginative concepts, I found myself drawn to Rafael’s work. Moreover, after the conversation about a gallery in Printique was brought up, he felt like the obvious choice to christen the space with larger-than-life metal portrait prints. Additionally, we have even picked up some buzz from our NYC community; The New York Post has generously offered to write a piece on the show, which you can find on Friday, February 9th!

About the Art Exhibition

“Luminaries” is the latest installation by the renowned artist/photographer Rafael Fuchs, showcasing mostly never-before-seen portraits from his vast archives of portraiture created during the turn of the Millennium. The photographic portraits feature individuals who have shaped our society and culture across various aspects such as cinema, music, TV, sports, politics, journalism, fine art, and more.

The spectacular, colorful, and bright prints make both the subjects and the final artwork illuminating. The main part of the show consists of 14 large-scale Dye Sublimation prints on Aluminum. Additionally, with about 20 more works, Rafael explores different printing methods, including Acrylic prints, prints on canvas, and photo rag prints. All perfectly executed by Printique at Adorama and curated/coordinated by Gigi Grace.

The portraits were captured with analog cameras (medium and large-size formats), and some of the works are enlargements of unique Polaroids or contact sheets, made available to collectors in limited editions.

Rafael’s stories about the work are just as luminous and alluring as the images themselves. From his shoot with Frank Stella for Wired Magazine where the artist apparently took a nap in the middle of the shoot (Frank had just gotten off a plane from Australia and was very tired) to his unusual shoots with Master P and Mary J. Blige, he perplexes everyone with stories that keep you wanting more. Thank you to the artist and Printique for what is going to be a fabulous first show, and stay tuned for more to come!

When to visit

Opening February 8th from 5-7pm in Brooklyn, New York at Printique.

Luminaries is on view February 8th — February 29th
Mondays from 9 am to 5 pm
Thursdays from 9 am to 7 pm
By appointment only when you email the Curator at gabrielleg@printique.com

*The “Luminaries” exhibition expands on the solo show “Icons” held at Ethan Cohen Gallery at The Kube Art Center, Beacon, NY, in 2023.”