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Winter Photography Bucket List

Author: Wendy Wallace

Winter is the perfect time to take some moody and magical photos.  Snow, ice, wildlife, and city lights are all shots you will want to get while you can, but there are plenty more on top of those as well!

This season, check out our bucket list and see how many you can check off.  Snap away and get ready to turn your winter captures into breathtaking photo books, wall décor, calendars, and cozy drinkware – because what’s cuter than a snow themed mug or thermos?

Let’s start with Snow. 

When it starts snowing, head outside to get some shots.  Falling snow can get you that magical blurry look.  If you get out in time, before anyone has touched the snow, you can get some pristine shots in too.  Then get some shots with footprints – dog paw prints are especially cute. Another fun idea is to take some action shots during a snowball fight.  Bonus points if you snap a shot of a snowball on impact!

Empty nature: Photograph the Sea

Beaches are vibrant in the summer but equally beautiful in the peaceful winter.  Shots of empty beaches and still shorelines are stark, quiet and sewhat unexpected.  Try going at sunset for a more moody shot.  Bonus if you can get a shot of snow on the beach!

Capture Bright Lights and Cityscapes

Head downtown at night and let the city lights inspire you.  Winter time will present many options for festive holiday lights and since it gets dark so early you will have a lot of opportunities.  When it is super cold, the streets tend to be empty.  Use this to your advantage and capture the stark feeling of an empty city street.  You can also try some reflective shots in puddles of melted snow.

Winter Sports

Ice skating is especially beautiful to photograph.  The lines in the ice, the blur of a fast skater, even the cuteness of a child just learning to skate.  Sledding can be another fun opportunity to capture action shots.  Stand at the bottom of a hill and capture the facial expressions as they race toward you. If you are a good skier you can shoot from the slopes.  Try some shots going up the ski lift, down the mountain and even some shots of a wipeout could be interesting (as long as it’s not you!).

Winter Animals

Some pets really love the snow and some are not so sure.  Find a dog who has just been let out and is going wild in the snow for some fun action shots.  Now try to find a cat or a dog that is very confused and suspicious by the snow.  You can also put up a birdfeeder and see what shows up… you might get more than just birds!

Frost / Icicles

If you can get out early, you can get some great shots of frost covered trees, bushes, plants or anything you left in your backyard.  An up close shot of the beautiful crystal-like covering is stunning.  While you are at it, look for icicles.  Find them in unusual places (on a bicycle, stop sign, dog house) or look for the really large ones.  Bonus if you can find them when the sun hits them just right and they begin to drip!

The Bundled up Portraits

Call all of your friends and family and get everyone outside for some fun portraits.  Scarves wrapped all the way around your neck, hats pulled down low, giant earmuffs, snow dusted beards and eyelashes, kids in puffy snowsuits will all make for great (and more personal) photos.  These would especially be nicely made into a book and sent to all of your “models”.  Bonus if you can set a self timer and get in some shots of yourself!