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Pro Business Courses

Course 1: Establishing Your Brand in Pre-Shoot Communications

Do you feel like your prospective client undervalue photography? If you do, your mindset around sales in your initial meetings may be limiting your success. All of us photographers been there at one point. Learn how successful pros among us turn this situation around.

Learn to be successful in photography with in-person sales (IPS). In this video series, you will learn exactly how to connect with clients and uncover the things they truly value. As the process unfolds, your will see your clients’ willingness to spend money change and you will gain their respect at the same time.


INTRO – My Clients Don’t Value Photography
INTRO – The Mindset That Kills Sales In Photography
GUIDE – Are Your Prospective Clients Undervaluing You As a Photographer?
WEBINAR – 7 Things Photographers Do To Lose Bookings

Other courses in this series

Course 5: Promoting Your Brand

Course 4: Offering the Right Product Mix