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Valentine’s Day Photo Gifts

Author: The Printique Team

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and our collection of sentimental and personalized photo gifts makes it easy to create something unforgettable. From mini photo books to grandiose displays, here are 10 heartfelt Valentine’s Day photo gifts to help you fill the special day with all the love your partner deserves.

Give Old Photos New Life

Capture the longevity of your love by turning photos from long ago into priceless gifts. Your special someone will not only be heart-warmed to remember a sweet moment from years past, but they’ll be filled with joy to be able to share that moment with you all over again.

Throwback couple photos printed and framed to create adorable Valentine's Day photo gifts.

Add Love Letters to Classic Prints

Take classic prints to the next level; Add hand-written love letters to the back of photo prints of your favorite pictures together. Gift them all at once or sporadically with prints slipped into coat pockets and work bags.

Create a Date Bucket List

Our poster prints make for so much more than just beautiful wall art; Make them interactive! Create a date bucket list by compiling the dates you want to go on with your Valentine – from hikes you’ve been meaning to try to new breakfast spots you want to go to. Layer your list on top of a personalized background to make your date bucket list extra special; Then arrange the list alongside check boxes and cross them off as you go!

Communicate Your Love with a Song

Songs are a meaningful way to tell the person you love just how much you love them; But what if you could combine songs with the personal touch of a sweet photo together?

Adding a couple’s photo to a song-streaming template is a simple yet powerful way to blend your moments with the emotions of your favorite love songs. Here’s a video that explains how to make this art from scratch on photoshop; that link will take you to the exact second where the creator gives step-by-step instructions! When ordering with Printique, all you need to create is the file. We’ll take care of all the rest!

Song templates personalized to create one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day photo gifts.

Print Your Wedding Vows

Whether your wedding ceremony included the reading of vows or not, every marriage has a set of silent vows each partner makes to the other. This Valentine’s Day, put your vows to each other into words and bring them to life as an incredible Valentine’s Day photo gift. It’s a gift that will remind you of your love for each other every time you pass it by.

Create a Timeless Couples Album

When it comes to romantic photo gift ideas, photo books or albums are hard to beat. Not only do they allow you to showcase your love in a way that perfectly captures your story, but they also allow for the sweetness of heartfelt notes! You can either add notes with text boxes before you print your photo book or add handwritten notes to your book once it arrives!

Make a Mini Book of Love

For an equally romantic – and a touch more adorable – photo gift, create a mini photo book. Offered in three sizes – 7×5 inches, 4×4 inches, and 5×7 inches – these mini delights can showcase any photo orientation, whether your pictures display best vertically, horizontally, or square. Fill the pages with ease and leave your loved one with a gift they can bring with them wherever they go.

Relive Your Favorite Wedding Memories

You can’t go wrong with prints of your most romantic wedding photos. From intimate snapshots you’ve never forgotten to scenic shots begging for a spot on the wall – photos from the happiest day in your life are the perfect gift for the person you shared it with.

Do you need inspiration when it comes to choosing prints? Explore our comprehensive list of meaningful wedding photos for endless wedding print ideas; Or check out why we love to see wedding photos printed on canvas!

Wedding photo printed and framed to make romantic Valentine's Day photo gift.

Turn Your Favorite Love Mantras into Art

Is there a romantic saying that captures how you feel about your relationship? Turn it into art! Prints of loving words make for a special and moving gift. Your print will serve as a reminder of the strength of your love each time you see it; And who doesn’t love functional, beautiful decor?

Love quote printed and framed for romantic home decor.

Create Tiny Acrylic Treasures

Our mini 2×2 inch acrylic blocks prove that the best things really do come in small packages! Our standalone acrylic blocks are ready to display right out of the box, making them perfect gifts for spreading your favorite love-filled memories all throughout the house. Their beautiful, premium materials make it possible to mix the elegance of fine jewelry with the thoughtfulness of a personal photo; What’s not to love about that?