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Graduate in Style: How to Make Your Graduation Photos Unique

Author: The Printique Team



Graduation is the perfect time to celebrate yourself and all of your accomplishments. Make sure that when your special day comes, your photos are just as unique as you are!
We’ve all been there — scrolling through social media and seeing the proudest moments of our friends’ lives reduced to the same, generic photos. Whether you’re graduating from high school, college, or even kindergarten, leaving school is a moment to remember.
Here are some creative tips to make your graduation photos stand out from the crowd. Pick a theme, choose your location, hire a professional, and smile for the camera — it’s time for your close-up!

Pick Something Personal

Don’t be afraid to stray from the classic portrait — straight back, forced smile, and nothing seen below your shoulders. There are all sorts of options out there, and you just have to use your imagination!
This is an opportunity to showcase what’s important to you, so use it to your advantage. Don’t be afraid to use props! Did you play a sport throughout school? Wear your varsity jacket and pose with your equipment. More into the music scene? Grab your drum kit, guitar, or violin and have the photographer snap away.
Find a way to represent whatever made you shine during your time at school. You can even come up with a selection of objects that are important to you and bring them along: your favorite book or album, your proudest piece of art, or even a pet that you love.

It’s All About Location


Paul Williams/flickr

Once you’ve decided on what you’re bringing to the shoot, why not think of an exciting location that matches your theme? Perhaps the football field where you scored the winning touchdown, or the stage where you sang the musical’s lead song to a standing ovation.
Maybe it’s the classroom where you learned to work hard and dream big, or maybe even a location outside of school that has meant something to you growing up.
What’s your favorite place? A field behind your house, the family farm, or an enchanting leaf-strewn memory lane. Local parks, beaches, bridges, your city’s skyline — all of these make fantastic sets for your photos. And hey, for those of you who can’t wait to get out — how about the airport?

Go Professional!

None of these ideas will look very good if it’s just your dad’s sweaty hand clicking away on his iPhone — even your favorite filtering app won’t fix low-quality photos. You need a professional behind the lens who can bring your dream theme to life with the right lighting, positioning, and framing.
They’ll know what’s going to work and what won’t, and they might even have a few tricks up their sleeves from their years of experience.
Talk to family and friends for recommendations for the best photographer in your area, and don’t be shy about explaining your ideas when consulting the photographer of your choice.
Great photos don’t just appear as soon as the camera is shut off. These are photos that you’ll want to hold onto and cherish forever, and the quality of the print is just as important as the picture.
Printique offers unparalleled printing for your photos on high-gloss, professional-grade paper, and can even make an album of all your greatest shots or greeting cards to send out to your family and friends, announcing that much-anticipated graduation party.
With Printique, you’re guaranteed an incredible package that will look fantastic and last far longer than your rowdy tailgating days in college, your bohemian phase in your twenties, and your mid-life crisis combined. Happy graduation — you did it! Now strike a pose.