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7 Unique Wedding Photo Ideas

Author: The Printique Team

Ian Stannard/flickr

Ian Stannard/flickr

Your wedding photos preserve your fondest memories and most cherished moments for generations to come, so it’s important you get them right.

After all the hours spent planning, prepping, and preening, how could you do everything in your power to make sure the photos of your wedding day reflect the same dedication?
For different people, though, getting it “right” can mean very different things. Creative couples from across the globe are breaking out of the matrimonial status quo, looking for photos that truly represent them and not just the tradition they’re taking part in.
In some cases, these creative takes on the traditional engagement shot result in something beautiful and unique, while others are just…unique. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best and worst wedding photographs I’ve seen. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired by their success — and avoid their mistakes.

Retro Romance

Linda Garcia/flickr

Linda Garcia/flickr

A failsafe way to create elegance that stands out from the crowd is to adopt a retro theme. There’s something hopelessly romantic about vintage photography, a nostalgic quality that makes each picture timeless. The trick is to keep it simple — the couple above looks adorable in vintage attire, while the tinted filter just adds to the allure.

His and Hers

Kolin Tony/flickr

Kolin Tony/flickr

Another method guaranteed to create enchanting pictures is to get some “his and hers” props, matching accessories to demonstrate your lasting bond. They also make ideal table decor, and the rest of the wedding party can enjoy snapping their own matching photos throughout the reception.

Special, Not Strange

Gustavo Verissimo/flickr
Of course, your wedding photos should be a reflection of your personalities, but it’s worth remembering that tastes change. While a gimmicky photo might be hilarious for the first few weeks, it may not stand the test of time.
Remember, you only get one shot at producing a wedding album, so think carefully before you commit to painting yourself green and putting on the world’s most uncomfortable Shrek-themed wedding ceremony.

Blurry Isn’t Beautiful

This photo is a testament to the importance of prior planning. This is your only opportunity to capture the most romantic day of your life, and leaving the responsibility to an amateur is not a risk worth taking. Achieving any of these looks requires an experienced photographer who is used to managing people in front of the lens, not someone with a thrift store camera and a shaky pair of hands.

Natural Beauty

Joshua Neff/flickr
A well-planned photo can have the tendency to look staged. This is supposed to be one of the greatest days of your life, and you should look comfortable, not static. Don’t let the practical concerns behind capturing these special moments detract from the romance of the day.

Be Spontaneous!

Anderson Fancisco/flickr

Anderson Fancisco/flickr

So what’s the best way to get a natural photo that’s brimming with emotion? Do something spontaneous! Swap the traditional sea-view portrait for an exhilarating action shot like the couple above did for a photo that captures the real feeling behind the ceremony.

Avoid Photoshop Faux-Pas

Photographic manipulation is a great way to give your wedding photos a boost, but getting a professional on board is equally, if not more, essential. This couple used false perspective to give their photos a comic edge. The possibilities are endless when it comes to augmenting photos, so if you have a wild idea in mind, speak to a professional about how to implement it using Photoshop.

So What Have We Learned?

Wedding photos don’t have to be boring recreations of the same old thing — there’s a whole world of possibility out there when it comes to capturing those treasured memories. Whatever you decide, utilizing a professional printing service like Printique is the surest way to guarantee you capture the memories you’ll never want to forget.