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The Best Nursery Canvas Prints

Author: The Printique Team

Decorating your baby’s nursery can be oh-so-fun; What’s not to love about browsing through colorful artwork, reminiscent of simpler times? When it comes to nursery art, canvas prints steal our hearts. Their unique attributes make them the perfect answer to all of your nursery decorating questions.

Here are the qualities you’ll find in the best nursery canvas prints!

Mom holds son in adorable nursery canvas art.

They’re light yet durable.

Soft, light-weight materials make the best nursery art – which is why canvas is our favorite printing style for nurseries – but the best nursery canvas prints are both light weight and durable.

The first year of your baby’s life will come with lots of changes; It’s best to keep the drilling and permanent alterations at a minimum during these times! From realizing that the changing table would work a lot better where the crib is, to deciding your baby needs to be moved into a different room all together, sticking to renter-friendly design techniques will save you a lot of hassle. Having a newborn forces you to improvise; the light weight of made-to-hang canvas prints allows you to do just that! It’s truly as simple as picking them up and moving them.

That’s where durability comes into play. While our canvas prints receive hand-crafted, gallery-worthy treatments, that doesn’t mean they can’t handle what life throws at them! Our lab prints directly onto durable, long-lasting cotton that will preserve your images in their highest quality. They’re ready to move from room to room or house to house; wherever you go, the durable canvas prints you love are ready to follow.

Happy quotes printed on canvas prints decorate a nursery wall.

They are comforting.

For the best nursery canvas prints, print images that will bring a sense of comfort to your baby. With a splash of creativity, the possibilities are endless when it comes to soothing, easy-on-the-eyes art for babies. Print happy, simple quotes in pastel-based designs; Decorate with a gallery of free-to-download animal illustrations; Print photos of their favorite stuffed animal doing happy things, like walking in the sunshine!

Our favorite of all comforting photos, however, is prints of your baby’s family. After all, what’s more comforting to your child than photographs of the people who love and care for them? A picture of Mom and baby hugging or Dad holding baby in his arms will help them feel protected by you even when you’re not in the room.

We also love these photos as nursery art because they remain adored throughout time. While your child may outgrow animal drawings, they’ll never get tired of seeing the love their parents have for them.

A premium canvas print of mother and son decorates child's nursery, showing that the best nursery canvas prints are timeless.

They’re timeless.

This brings us to the next quality that all the best nursery canvas prints will have: timelessness. Creating adorable nursery art doesn’t mean your canvas prints have to have an expiration date! With a bit of clever thinking, you’ll be able to use your baby’s nursery canvas prints for decades to come.

Beautiful nature scenery is a great place to start. A photo of a peaceful meadow or a close up of a flower will add both calm and color to your baby’s room. If they grow out of these photos as they develop a taste of their own, there’s no need to say au revoir! Move these colorful prints into the hallway or bathroom for an equally appreciated pop of color.

We also adore cute animal photos for long-lasting nursery canvas prints. A canvas print of a baby bunny will look just as adorable in a home office or playroom as it did alongside your baby’s crib.

Beach canvas print adds color to a simple room where Mom and son play.