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The 7 Best Free Mobile Editing Apps

Author: The Printique Team

With incredible cameras on our mobile devices, it’s no wonder we want apps that can offer edits at an equally professional level; And now that it’s possible to print your photos directly from your phone with our mobile app, being able to prep your photos on your device is all the more valuable.

We’re spotlighting 7 of our favorite (and free!) mobile editing apps. Each one brings unique strengths and features to the table, sure to leave you with your best personalized photo prints ever.

Ready to create incredible art right from your phone?


Lightroom is an incredible way to turn your favorite photographs into print-worthy works of art.  Not only does lightroom offer standard editing capabilities – exposure, contrast, saturation, shadow and highlight adjustment, and so much more – in an easy-to-use presentation, but it allows you to save and utilize “presets” from other creators.

A preset refers to the “preset” adjustments of a photograph’s qualities.  You can save someone’s editing style to your phone by uploading a photo with their presets to lightroom and clicking “Create preset.” While many creators charge money to access their presets, and rightfully so, you can still find plenty of free presets being shared on social media.  Search up “free presets” on Instagram to see what we mean!

We love using lightroom for two primary reasons: editing a photo to give it the finishing touches needed before printing an epic piece, or editing a handful of photos with the same preset to create cohesive décor.   


VSCO is “photo and video editing platform” meets “digital portfolio.”  It allows you to access dozens of presets and unique filters to then store your images either privately, or in an aesthetic public gallery. Like lightroom, VSCO is a great asset when it comes to designing cohesive décor. Plus, its interface is a bit more beginner friendly, so if you’re just getting started with photography and photo printing, it’s the perfect place to experiment with different styles!

Adobe Photoshop Express

If you’re familiar with any of Adobe’s programs or have used Adobe Photoshop in the past, you can imagine just how much their mobile app has to offer! The app allows you to transform and enhance your best photos, right on your phone. Use features like advanced healing to remove unwanted objects from your photos, or add unique overlays, like bokeh and raindrops, to elevate your images in new ways. We would love to see this app used to create next level poster prints!


Snapseed is a free mobile editing app that features a number of key capabilities – making it a frequent go-to for professional photographers.  Some of these features include: portrait enhancement, lens blur, selective adjustments, healing tool, vignette, and a range of subtle filters.

We’ve bumped this app down to the middle of our list for one reason in particular. While the app, created by Google, has been popular for years, there have been recent complaints of the app’s poor performance on Apple products. If you have an android, you should be able to enjoy this app in all its glory! But be wary when editing on iPhone; The app has been crashing for a considerable number of users. It’s a bug that the Snapseed team will hopefully adjust soon!


Union is a photo editing app that allows you to create incredible photo overlays, whether you wish to merge two unique scenes or create gorgeous double exposures. We love this app for its simplicity and unique contribution to the mobile editing scene. You simply select two images, a background image and a foreground image, then use your finger to erase the parts of your top image you wish to remove. You can also easily adjust the transparency of your top image by simply sliding the opacity adjustment bar!

Daze Cam

Daze Cam is a photo editing app meant to make your mobile photos look like film photos. While we know there’s no replicating the feeling of taking the perfect photo on film – and the effects definitely mimic a very cliché idea of what film photos should look like – we can’t deny that we love its ease and unique results.

When you take a photo in the app, a filter is automatically selected; But you can easily adjust and self select filters by tapping on the photo within the apps “developed” section.  You can take unlimited photos through the app, but to edit more than three photos from your camera roll, you will have to upgrade to the paid version for $5.99.

We would recommend using this app if you’re creating a wall collage of friends on classic prints.  Your favorite sentimental photos will provoke all the more nostalgia with the film filters of this app.


Unfold is a collage and social media app, but the templates and effects it offers are super valuable for mobile photo editing, whether you plan to share your photos on social media or not.  This app would be especially useful for creating a social media themed photo book or collage. You can create prints that resemble film rolls, post cards, polaroid photos and more with their range of templates.

Keep in mind that while this app does offer a decent selection of free features, some of its trendiest offerings are reserved for Unfold Plus members – which costs $2.99 a month.

With these incredible mobile editing tools, you’ll be ready to create stunning photo prints directly from your phone!

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