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The “100 Photo Prints” Challenge

Author: The Printique Team

Printing your photos is a priceless way to admire your greatest captures while uncovering new details about your style.  To help you best embrace what there is to gain from printing your photos, we’ve compiled a new photo printing challenge called The 100 Photo Prints Challenge.

The 100 Photo Prints Challenge supplies you with a checklist of meaningful prints that will best inform your photography.  To get the most out of this challenge, we recommend adding commentary and feedback to your prints in a way that feels effective for you.  This may mean adding them to a scrapbook, noting your feelings about each photograph on the back of the prints, adding them to a mood board, or hanging them in an accessible place.

Ready to start printing? Here’s the breakdown of our 100 photo prints challenge!

Print 10 Photos of People You Love

When we photograph the people we love, we’re able to capture them in a way that truly highlights their essence.  By printing photos you’ve taken of the people you love and looking more closely at the ways those photos do your loved ones justice, you can guide yourself to a formula for the perfect portrait.

For example, you may decide to introduce a personality survey to your booking paperwork, where you ask clients what their favorite features are, what their most loveable personality traits are, when they feel most themselves, and so on.  Alternatively, it may make you realize the importance of wardrobe in portraiture and result in the implementation of a pre-shooting shopping trip.  No matter what it makes you realize, inspecting portraits you’ve taken of people you know and love can lead you to some incredible conclusions.

Print 10 Photos of Special Places

In the same way that photographing people you love allows you to capture a precious essence, photographing places that mean something to you can shape the way you capture scenes through your lens.  Consider the details that you’re drawn to in photographs of meaningful places: Are you drawn to the people there? Are you drawn to the architecture? Are you drawn to the lighting at a certain time of day?  Understanding where the pulse of a location lies can greatly streamline the way you approach scenic shoots in the future.

Print 10 Photos That Highlight Your Talents

To select 10 photos that showcase your particular talents, begin by making a list of the qualities you admire most about your photography; And don’t feel pressure to restrict these qualities in any way! You can name anything from your knack for macro shots to the way you make people feel comfortable in your presence. 

With your printed photos in hand, write down the talent of yours that any particular print captures – whether on the back of the photo or along side it in a journal.  Going forward, keep an eye on the way these strengths continue to positively impact your work and how you can make them even more influential.

Print a Photo for Every Emotion

Go through your archives for photos that embody specific emotions.  These emotions might include anger, love, joy, greed, admiration, hope, desperation, exhaustion, power, lust, remorse, grief – the list goes on and on.  Pick 10 of the photos that capture an emotion with the greatest strength (Ex. one photo that captures love the strongest, one photo that captures hate the strongest, etc.).  Note that these should not be your favorite photos of each emotion, but the strongest capture of each emotion.  This will allow you to look closely at the emotions that add the most to a photograph in your eyes.  This can inform the types of events or settings you go out of your way to shoot.

Print 10 Photos in Black and White

Black and white photos are known for their ability to boil a subject down to their core.  It was said by Ted Grant that “when you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls!”

If you don’t regularly shoot in black and white, give it a test run for the purpose of this challenge!  You never know – black and white may be your true calling.

Print 10 Photos from the Beginning of Your Career

Whether you’ve been shooting for decades or months, it can always be valuable to print photos from the earlier days of your photography career.  Select which photos you’ll print by paying attention to the photos that spark the most significant reaction from you as you browse the archives.  Don’t go for only the worst photos or only the best photos; Pick the photos that remind you of a white rabbit you never followed or a habit you’ve been trying to shake.  Consider the way they lead to further improvement in your craft.

If what you need is a boost in confidence regarding the improvement you’ve made, let that be the role they play!

Print 10 Photos That Star You!

It’s not unusual for photographers to live exclusively on one side of the camera but paying attention to what makes you love (or even tolerate) a photo of yourself can allow you to enter the shoes of every person you photograph.  Are your favorite photos of yourself candid pictures? Are they taken in a location you’re comfortable in, or snapped during an adrenaline rush? Are they group photos or solo shots? Are you dressed up or in street wear?

Through an examination of your own favorite photos, you can put your finger on some key ways to make the subjects you shoot feel the most comfortable on the opposite side of the lens.  It can also inform the way you articulate certain shoot directions for best results!

Print The Colors of the Rainbow

Find a photograph you’ve taken in every color of the rainbow – and then some!  This can include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, black, white, pink, and grey.  As you browse your archives for the photos to print, you may find that you primarily shoot in one color or have never shot in another.  This can help you add a new item to your photography bucket list!

With the photos you do decide to print, make note of what elements contributed to the specific color that was captured. How did lighting and set play a role?  Were the colors naturally occurring or man-made?  Are the colors beautiful as standalones or best viewed in tandem with another color present in the photograph?

Print Photos from Different Mediums

Taking a closer look at the way different mediums have influenced your photography can play a critical role in the way you invest in your photography going forward.  You may discover that you love your selectiveness in film photography but love the sharpness of your digital shots.  This can lead to the investigation of new film lenses or practicing more selective digital shooting.  Some popular mediums that may have been shot with include film cameras, mobile phones, Canon cameras, Nikon cameras, and the unique gear that exists under both of those brands.

Print 5 Before-and-After Photos

Editing style plays an enormous role in a photographer’s overall style.  Bringing your pre- and post-edit photos into tangible form gives you an invaluable power to closely examine what went right in your editing process.  To engage efficiently with your printed before-and-after’s, we recommend displaying them in a way that allows them to be viewed side by side.  This might mean pinning them to a mood board or pasting them in a journal.  Once in place, add notes, labels, and arrows to the side by sides!

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