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Six photographers to follow on Instagram RIGHT NOW

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama

By Julianne Mosher
Getting tired of seeing your friends, colleagues, family members and enemies post pictures of their dogs, cats, new nail polish colors and memes on their Instagrams while you scroll through your feed? Are you tired of food porn and selfies?
Are you looking to get your #PhotographyInspo on with your personal account, but are unsure who is legitimate or, quite frankly, worth your precious time? Well, we did the hard work for you and found eight of the best photographer Instagram accounts out there that you should follow right now.
From landscapes to portraits, photojournalists to fashion editors, these six photographers will not only showcase beautiful images sure to make you feel emotions you never thought possible before, but also help your creative juices flow as you set yourself up for success with your own camera – or camera phone!
6. Laura El-Tantawy @laura_el_tantawy
Good abstract photography is something that’s hard to find online, but Laura El-Tantawy is a natural at it. This British-Egyptian freelancer knows how to take stunning images of landscapes, patterns and close-ups of her subjects’ faces that are often accompanied by a riveting caption. Her work is great for people who are interested in something a little different.
5. Jonathan Mannion @jonathanmannion
Speaking of photographers and music, Jonathan Mannion is one of the best photogs in the hip-hop industry. His Instagram account is great for music lovers because he treats his followers with tons of outtakes from shoots with rappers and artists that you won’t find anywhere else!
4. Jimmy Chin @jimmy_chin
Jimmy Chin is a National Geographic photographer and documentary filmmaker, so his Instagram has some stunning work. From the Grand Canyon, to snowy mountains and portraits, you will not be disappointed at all with this one, and you need to follow him right now!
3. Steve McCurry @stevemccurryofficial
This photojournalist will help you see into the world through pictures. Steve McCurry’s photography is breathtaking. Through his lens, you can visit wherever he is in the world. McCurry is one of the world’s most famous photographers and if you check out his profile, you will see why.
2. Benjamin Lowy @benlowy
It was hard to pick a featured image for Ben Lowy. This Time Magazine photographer has the most beautiful pictures posted that we have ever seen – and a lot of them! He covers political campaigns, New York City and little kids with faces full of ice cream, just to name a little bit of what you’ll see if you follow him today.
1. Murad Osmann @muradosmann
Murad Osmann’s photography is the epitome of #CoupleGoals. This photographer is known for his #FollowMeTo campaign that he shares with his now-wife, fashion editor and model, Natalay Osmann. He’s known all over the internet for following his seriously stunning bae around the globe as she wears beautiful clothes and reaches her hand behind her to lead him wherever they’re going (yeah, we’re all jealous of them). Osmann is basically the dream Instagram boyfriend we all want in life.