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Saving on Prints: The Large Order Guide

Author: The Printique Team

Does your position at a large organization put you in charge of placing annual orders of memorabilia or other company materials? Whether your organization places annual photo book orders or creates matching custom calendars for staff, a Pro Service membership could help your company save thousands of dollars every year.

We’re going to walk you through exactly how Printique’s Pro Service features can help you save your company thousands of dollars.  As long as you promise us to make sure they know exactly who to thank for this money saving proposal: you!

Receive 15% off on your large purchase.

Our loyalty pricing feature allows you to increase your every-order discount by spending on the products you love – and need! The moment your company obtains a Pro Service membership, you’ll receive an automatically applied 10% discount on every order.  It’s that simple: join Pro Service, receive 10% discount. Hit $1,000 spend, and your discount will increase to 15% off.  So, how can you make the most of this?

When it comes time to place your large order, begin by placing only the first $1,000.  After placing this order, the remainder of your order will receive a 15% off discount.  If you’re placing an order of $5,000 or more, this trick can help you save an extra $200, for a total of $700 saved!

Our loyalty pricing discounts extend up to 20% off. This level is known as Platinum Status, and it will be achieved when your company reaches a spend amount of $10,000.

Receive samples for 50% off.

Before placing a particularly large order, it’s common for customers to test their design and selected materials with sample orders.  This allows you to hold your final product in your hands before committing to your choices. With Pro Service, you receive 50% off on all samples. This means you’ll be able to obtain a sample of your custom product at a quick turnaround speed, for a low cost. This will greatly simplify the process between “an idea” and “a flawless final product.”

With this discount, you can also take advantage of our sample packs. Pro Service members pay only $20 for a Studio Super Pack; This pack contains samples of our paper options, metal print samples with four unique finishes, a cover style guide album, genuine leather, lux and fabric samples, and a product catalog.

Get professional guidance and insider tips from a dedicated care team.

From checking your image quality on the back end to keeping you in the know about current or upcoming promotions, your dedicated Pro Service representative will be there to offer you any assistance you need as you place your order.  As you continue to create with Printique, your service member will become familiar with your business’s likes, dislikes, and objectives.  That’s when our team is able to offer you the best and most personalized guidance.

Ready to improve the cost and process of your company’s largest photo product orders?