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Saving on Prints: The Fundraiser’s Guide

Author: The Printique Team

If you work in fundraising, you know just how impactful the slightest margins can be on a campaigns success.  We put together a comprehensive guide to fundraising with photo prints, but our expertise doesn’t stop there.  We’re back with even more tips and tricks that can help you pull of your most successful fundraising quarter yet.

Ready to learn the steps to maximizing your fundraising efforts? We’ll walk you through how to do it with all the features included in a Printique Pro Service membership.

Save 10% on your fundraising costs.

Reducing the cost of a fundraiser by 10% can be a huge deal for a non-profit, big or small.  With Printique Pro Service, you’ll receive 10% off on every order from the moment you join. We’ve listed a few popular fundraising products, and the profits you could see after your Pro discount!

Sell 25 mini books for $20 each: Profit $275.22

Sell 50 5×7 inch fine art prints for $20 each: Profit $280.45

Sell 15 soft cover photo books for $45 each: Profit $405.13

Sell 25 custom photo puzzles for $30 each: Profit $232.5

While these profits don’t account for shipping costs, it’s easy to see how successful photo print fundraisers can be!

The best part? If your non-profit sees success in fundraising with photo prints and continues to utilize the approach, it won’t be long until you reach the next tier of loyalty pricing discounts: 15% off! Our loyalty pricing discounts go all the way up to 20%, rewarding you for continuing to spend on the products you love.

Make a premium gallery store part of your fundraising strategy.

Do you have an audience eager to support your non-profit, but no streamlined way to utilize their support? A premium, easy-to-use gallery store is exactly what you need.

While some ecommerce platforms can charge between $30 and $50 a month, our gallery store feature is included in the $14.95 Pro Service cost. It allows you to set your own prices, sell to customers across the country, and avoid the stress and costs of shipping your own products (we take care of that on our end).  On Printique galleries, you can also sell your high-resolution digital images and enable others to download quickly and securely. Unlike other gallery hosting platforms, we only charge standard credit card fees of 2.75% and $0.30 per transaction on digital downloads.  This is an incredible way to turn one snapshot into hundreds of dollars of funds!

Pull off last minute fundraising events with free priority processing.

Life happens fast, and non-profit fundraising is often dictated by needs rather than simply goals or quarterly targets.  With free priority processing, you can pull off last minute photo print fundraising for no extra cost.

Every one of your orders as a Pro member will receive priority processing – which usually costs $12.00 per product – for free.  With just a few days notice, you can put together premium raffle prizes and fundraising products with dramatic in-person effect.  This is especially useful when offered a spot at a fundraising event or auction, where a physical, high-quality item can make all the difference.

Ready to exceed your fundraising expectations and add a personal touch to every event?