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Photos to Get of Your Kids Before Labor Day

Author: Collaborator - Printique by Adorama

Summer is coming to an end as Labor Day approaches, and if you’re like most of us moms there’s a certain level of sadness, but also excitement!   Let’s admit it, they’ve been away from school for several months, and they’re more than likely driving you crazy!  They have so much energy, and if you don’t keep them active somehow, they’ll never fall asleep at night.   So what’s better than an active pool day for a photo shoot?
child diving into pool
The last days of summer have a little bit of euphoria to them, and as you know, within weeks your to-do list is about to be crazy!   I always love photographing kids in their natural state…wild, active, and full of energy!  During this photo shoot, I wanted to embrace the “how to’s” of capturing an awesome summer, with a little bit of energy, color, and props!  It can be so simple, especially if the kids are having fun!
three kids in pool with floaties
First, grab your props.  Think bright bathing suits, sunglasses, and any pool toy or float you may have.  The more color, the better!   The images tend to pop a bit more when you have a bright contrast against that baby blue water!
child jumping into pool
Now, after you’ve searched long and hard (and probably had a few meltdowns along the way), get them in the water, create a fun ACTIVE photo shoot.   Tell them to plan a timed jump.  Challenge them for some height and speed.   Ok, now they’re probably having some fun. If you have more than one child, give each an opportunity to have their own moment to “shine’, while the others watch!
Alright, now it’s time for the props.   This summer I found an incredible range of pool floats everywhere.  The donut is especially my favorite.  Anything with color, different shapes, and sizes is always interesting to have in an image.
girl on donut floatie in pool
Don’t forget to think outside the box, and play around with some different angles!  Perspective, perspective!  If you can get an aerial shot with those floats, do it!!   If you don’t have a balcony, consider using a sturdy chair and stand above the water a little bit for some different views.  Even an extra few feet will change an image so much!   Tell the kids to wave, splash, move around!   Embrace the endless amount of energy those kiddos have.
kids in pool
And if you’re now exhausted like this family was, go ahead and grab yourself a seat, sit back, relax (or at least try to), and start your countdown until summer ends.  Make sure to print those images, you’ll want to remember these sunny days when winter hits!   Adoramapix.com is my favorite printing company.  I have their prints all over my walls and enjoy walking by each and every memory.   Cheers to a beautiful summer and a happy fall!

Blog Post by Danielle Guenther of Danielle Guenther Photography. When not chasing her own kid around, you can find her photographing some of the most amazing and wonderful families in the New York Cty area.  You can check out her work HERE.