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Photo Prints for Your Airbnb

Author: The Printique Team

Hosting an Airbnb can be a daunting task, but once you get the hang of it your focus will quickly shift from the stress to the possibilities. It can be incredibly lucrative to host an Airbnb, though it’s not easy to climb from casual side hustle to a consistent revenue stream; But if you’ve already gone through the trouble of getting an Airbnb up and running, believe us – the investment is worth it.

These 4 photo print ideas are aimed at bringing you from average owner to superstar host, with guests eager to book their next trip as soon as the door closes behind them. Ready to make all of your Airbnb dreams come true?

A Customized Guidebook

Airbnb allows its hosts to create virtual guidebooks; They’re aimed at giving guests the information they need to have the best stay possible.  While these guidebooks – attached directly to your digital listing – are a great way to deliver recommendations right to the hands of your booked guests, they still fall short of what a tangible guidebook could offer.

That’s where your customized guidebook from Printique comes in!  With a tangible book, you have the ability to not only lead your visitor to their best stay, but to craft a story of your local area.  Include photos of your Airbnb during various season to inspire guests to visit again at a different time of year; Build invaluable relationships with your favorite local businesses by inquiring about what photos and info you should include in your book; Give yourself the space to tell stories and warmly welcome your guests to your home.

If you host multiple Airbnb’s in the same area, get the most out of a guidebook by making it applicable to each home.  Then order multiple copies of the same design!

A Chic Welcome Sign

There’s a handful of information each Airbnb guest will need to know.  In the past, perhaps you’ve communicated this information digitally or with a written note.  A metal print allows you to neatly present valuable information in a can’t-miss display, while making those last-minute scribbled notes – or accidentally forgetting to write one! – a thing of the past.

Decorative Prints

Make your Airbnb shine with spectacular prints.  In city spaces, we adore the chic pop of metal prints; In quaint cabins, we love the warm touch of canvas and wood prints.  Elevate the strengths of your home with prints that enhance them! 

Prints are also a practical way to conceal your home’s natural wear and tear.  From wall scuffs to funky paint jobs you haven’t had the chance to fix, a premium photo print will keep eye sores out of listing photos and help your place looks its best.  We don’t advocate for misleading bookers – just for putting your home’s best foot forward!

Don’t forget about your bathroom while decorating!  A clean and aesthetic bathroom communicates to your visitor that you keep your home in pristine condition. That’s a priority when it comes to booking a stay! Consult our bathroom décor tips for inspiration.

A Visitor Review Journal

Create a beautiful guest book where visitors can share a review of their stay. This is an adorable and sentimental way for you to form a bond with your guests, while passing great reviews forward to each new visitor!  Make your review book special by including photos, empty stars they can shade in, and fun question prompts for them to answer.

Feeling masterful? Include social media prompts in your review book. Share an account handle if you have an Instagram page for your Airbnb and create a hashtag guests should use when sharing photos from their stay!