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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Author: The Printique Team

mothers day gift guide

Each year in May, you get a day to show your mother just how much you care. But how do you make it count?

Finding the best mother’s day present is no easy job, but one excellent solution is to give her a photo gift. These gifts are creative, sentimental and versatile, so you can make the perfect gift for every kind of mother. Whether she prefers subtle and classy or something more bold and bright, a photo gift can appeal to anyone. To help you out with this task, we’ve put together a mom-themed gift guide, full of Mother’s Day gift ideas and tips for choosing the best photos.

Selecting the Best Photos

Whether you’re scrolling through the photo albums on your phone or digging through old boxes of printed photos, you’ll need to search for the perfect pictures for your Mother’s Day photo gift. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that some photos will work better than others. To make an unforgettable Mother’s Day gift, look for pictures that:

-Display some of your most treasured memories: Did you go on a trip when you were younger that means a lot to you both? Is there a photo of the two of you in your childhood backyard where you spent hours playing? These can make some of the best gifts for Mom.

mothers day gift

-Incorporate your siblings: If you’re not an only child, you may want to look for whole-family photos or include different pictures of your siblings. After all, she claims she doesn’t have a favorite.

-Show her hobbies and interests: Maybe she already has lots of family photos lying around, or you don’t have a lot of good pictures. Consider artistic photos of her doing what she loves. Does she like to go boating or skiing? Is she an artist? Are her pets also her children? See if you can incorporate those things into her gift.

Gift Ideas for Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Once you pick out the best photos, you’ll need to arrange them and put them together somehow. Here are some of our suggestions for creative Mother’s Day gift ideas:

1. Photo Book

If you want something packed with meaning and memories, try a photo book. With our editing tools, you don’t need to be a skilled editor to create something stunning. You can put together a general book of your family throughout the year, or something more specific, like a family vacation you took.

Printique Photo Book

Regardless of the contents, you can find photo books for every type of mom. Whether she’s a classy lady who prefers the look of a leather cover or one who would rather have a hardcover photo to catch the attention of all of her guests, we’ve got you covered. Our lay-flat photo books come in a variety of styles, with options that include:

-Size: Photo books can range from six by four and a half inches to 12-by-15 inches.
-Finish: We offer finishes like high-gloss, matte, silk and textured options, like linen and pebble.
-Paper: Choose from six different kinds of paper.

2. Photo Album

Photo albums are similar to books but have more elegant options. They use thicker pages that won’t bend or curl, and you can add gilded edges for decoration. Your cover options include leather, metal and a hardcover image. If you want to include general family pictures from the past years, an album is a great way to give them the gravity they deserve.

3. Artistic Prints

Are Mom’s walls looking a little bare? Grab some of your favorite photos and add your artistic flair. You can make a collage of the grandkids or give the image a black-and-white filter. Even the simplest of photos look stand-out when printed in a unique medium. Our specialty materials include:

-Acrylic: Printing on an acrylic block looks professional and gorgeous. It bends the light for a high-gloss, three-dimensional quality.
-Wood: If you print on wood, your image comes out with the grain of the photo showing through in the lighter areas. It creates an organic, natural tone that works beautifully with rustic and warm photos.
-Metal: Metal prints are modern and sleek, infusing your photo with the metal itself — this makes it exceptionally durable and gives it a unique color quality.

4. Recipe Book

Is your mom a whiz in the kitchen? Raid her recipe box and turn it into a full-fledged book. Get pictures of the food and shots of her cooking. Place the photo on the page, accompanied by the recipe. Be sure to include notes or “reviews” from the whole family about their favorites. This creative mother’s day gift idea is both sentimental and functional.

5. Baby Pictures

Is the mom in your life new to the job? Chances are, she’s already got thousands of photos of the little one. Get your hands on some of those baby pictures for a New Mother’s Day gift she’ll love. You can print one on a large canvas for the baby’s room, complete with a heavyweight cloth, gallery-style edges and a sturdy frame. You can also create a collage or put together an album of milestones. Make her first Mother’s Day something special.

mothers day gift guide
Printique Prints

6. Pet Pictures

Maybe the kids are all grown, and your mom treats her pets like her new children. Grab some pet pictures — or better yet, photos of them together — and make a collage or full-sized print. She and her fur babies are sure to appreciate the gesture.

Printique Framed Prints

7. Desktop Photos

Give the mom boss in your life something to show off at work. Desktop photo prints are great because she gets to see them all day, and she can proudly put her family on display at her desk. A photo in a small frame is always a good choice. Try this simple, heartfelt gesture to express your love and gratitude. For a unique touch, we also offer small-sized prints on metal, acrylic and wood that make for eye-catching tabletop pieces.

8. Kids’ Artwork

While the fridge is an excellent place for the kids’ drawings, you can do one better and preserve them in an archival print for years to come. Scan or take a high-resolution photo of their masterpieces and turn them into a canvas or another specialty print. A wood print will remove the white background and just show the artwork, while a canvas makes them pop off the walls. Have the kids sign it in the corner for bonus points. This cute gift idea is great for those moms that want to save everything their child does.

Get Mother’s Day Done Right With Printique

For a gift that will truly impress her, trust the experts at Printique. We’ve been helping kids and spouses make Mother’s Day special for decades. No matter what type of mother you have, getting her the perfect gift has never been easier with the help of photo prints. With powerful editing tools and an array of options from elegant albums to specialty prints, Printique’s got your Mother’s Day gift ideas handled.

Don’t take our word for it, though — we have thousands of excellent reviews from customers that loved their prints. Browse through our photo gifts today to see how we can help you knock it out of the park this Mother’s Day.