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Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Mom She'll Really Love… That are (Almost) Free

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. If you are just now realizing it is only a few days away, take a deep breath, we’re here to make sure you look like a superstar. We rounded up three favoriteDIY gifts that will give it a personal touch you just can’t find in stores.  The best part? Most of t this stuff you probably already have lying around the house!
1. Picture Vase – 30 minutes
What you’ll need:
* Jar * Spray Paint *Photo (4×6 or smaller)  *A Flower * Stickers *Tape
TIP:  Make sure your jar is clean both on the inside and outside.
Place the sticker on the outside of the jar and spray paint jar. Make sure to do several even coats and leave the lid on the jar. If you forget and leave the lid off you’ll end up with a big mess with spray painting all over the inside of the jar as well.
After the paint has completely dried, peel off the sticker leaving the shape. Cut the photo to the shape of the sticker and place it on the inside of the jar with tape. Top it off with some ribbons and flowers to add the perfect personalized finishing touch.
2. Picasso Painter – 30 minutes
What You Need:
*Finger Paint  or Water Colors *Paint Brushes (they can also use their hands with finger paints) *Paper or Canvas *Tape
This fool proof masterpiece is made in two easy to follow steps! First, take paper, canvas or really any fabric- like surface you can paint on and divide it into four or more sections with tape. Next is the fun part, paint each section with different colors. Remove the tape and that’s it, you’re done!
3. HandPrint Decor – 30 minutes
What You Need:
*8×8 Small Canvas  *Scrapbook Paper *Scissors * Mod Podge
Forget going to art school, this gift is so easy any age can get in on the gift action. Trace your child’s hand on scrapbook paper. Cut it out and glue it down to your small canvas. (This is an 8×8 but you can use other sizes) Cut out a small heart on plain paper, let your children write their name and age on the heart then glue on top of the hand. Hang it in the living room or your bedroom, we leave that up to you.
The best gift can be as simple as a hug, a smile and an ‘I love you’. Trust us, no one ever gets tired of hearing those words from loved ones – especially not your Mom.
What is te best gift you’ve ever given or received for Mother’s Day? Tell us in the comments below!