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iPhone Fireworks Photography – 5 Tips

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama

Your phone is always on you, so of course, it would make sense that you would take it to the Fourth of July fireworks. Hold up though! Before you click on the shutter, you might want to do a little research for best results. We can help. Here are five tips for iPhone fireworks photography.

1. No Flash

This may seem like common sense, but it still happens.  The flash on your phone can only reach a certain number of feet. Remember the fireworks are nowhere near close enough for the flash to hit it. So basically, the flash, in essence, does nothing. Turn the flash off and you’ll get better results.

2. Stabilize It

Stabilize the iPhone as much as possible. If you have a tripod, this is the preferred method. If you forgot it or don’t have one, that’s ok you can MacGyver something. Try setting it on top of your cooler or on top of your car really anything that will provide a stable foundation. This eliminates camera shake and movement.

3. Burst Mode

There’s always a bit of lag when taking pictures with your phone. Once you hear the fireworks go off, try the Burst Mode.  Burst mode lets users take a multiple number of photos per second by holding down the shutter button. When you are done, simply go back through and pick the best one.

4. HDR

Turn on the HDR function. HDR will take multiple photos of a scene but with different exposures. It then combines them into a single image. This is great for fireworks because it can catch details that one image can’t like light trails.

5. Don’t Zoom

Unlike a camera lens that allows you to zoom in and get closer to the action, the zoom on the camera is just letting you enlarge the screen/image. It’s not actually letting you get closer to the subject. So if you want to get closer to the fireworks, you’ll have to do it the old fashioned way. You’ll have to walk.
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