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Instagram Wedding Photographers You Need to Follow

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama

By Julianne Mosher
The options are relentless when it comes to picking out which photographer you want to document your special day. Let’s face it, nobody wants boring wedding photos and we are always looking up different photographers who can give us some inspiration for what we want our weddings to be like.
Brides (and grooms) want to appear stunning, sophisticated and prove that they are celebrating the day they wed in the most picture perfect ways. Some brides use their wedding photos as their shot to become the models in the magazine’s they have read for years and some couples prefer the quirky route. Some would rather be mystical or creative with non-traditional prints. Whatever it is, there is a photographer out there who can cater to every desire.
Whether it’s on the beach, in a field or even underwater (what!?), these five wedding photographers will make you want to marry whoever you’re dating right this second and hire them because they portray the ultimate wedding goals.
5. Chrisman Studios @chrismanstudios
Ben Chrisman (along with four other photographers) are award winning photographers that are based in Charleston and San Francisco. Their Instagram account is filled with beautiful shots of all different types of weddings that vary in location and culture. Chrisman is able to capture the moments of a perfect sunset, that special kiss or even when the cork pops on a bottle of champagne. Artistic and creative, Chrisman Studios are definitely talented.


4. Jonas Peterson @jonaspeterson
Working worldwide, Jonas Peterson has a classic approach to his images. Often having a melancholy hew, his photos have a mysterious and solemn feeling that are hauntingly beautiful and perfect for couples that don’t want to go over-the-top.


3. Adam Alex @adam.alex
Adam Alex is an English photographer who has traveled around the globe and is making a name for himself with his beautiful wedding portraits. Scrolling through his Instagram account, you can find stunning photos of glowing brides and happy couples. His style is traditional, but is so elegant that his pictures could appear in Vogue.


2. Pablo López Ortiz @pablolopezortiz
His Instagram may be smaller than the rest, but Pablo López Ortiz’s photos are breathtaking and we want to see more! His photographs know how to express love with his use of nontraditional angles, such as a close up of a smiling bride shedding a tear. How precious, right? A shot of a gleaming bride in the back of a car is also perfect, not only for the wedding album, but obviously for Instagram, too!


1. Eric Laurits @ourindeliblelife
Eric Laurits really knows how to make you feel emotions with his work. His Instagram account is filled with pictures that are the ultimate definition of love. His subjects smile, cry, laugh and dance. Some wear flowers in their hair while others don colorful dresses. The brides are stunning because they are glowing. His photos have a mix of traditional wedding style with a modern, artistic, and sometimes quirky, twist.


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