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15 Modern Must-Have Wedding Poses for Brides and Grooms

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama

You spend months and months planning your wedding day making sure everything is perfect. And although your wedding is only one day,  the photos are what you’ll cherish forever. That’s why we put together our favorite list of  the 15 most insanely sweet, must-have wedding poses that are fun and modern.  

1. The Wrap and Kiss 

Perfectly sweet pose with groom bringing in the bride for a kiss on the forehead. It shows the rings and the excitement!

2. The Chase

Weddings are action packed, try a less formal pose by capturing the action of the big day! Groom leads and bride takes a quick peek back to photographer. Notice the flow in the dress!

3. The Lean and Kiss

Couple stands a few feet apart and leans in the for the kiss! This pose works great with architectural elements lending themselves to the final photo!

wedding couple on stairs kissing

4. The Vignette

Let nature do its thing and surround your love! Use trees or leaves as a vignette to surround an intimate moment.

5. The Old Hollywood

This is one of the most romantic and classic poses that is timeless. Groom stands facing the bride with bride’s back to the camera to show off the details of the back of the dress.Both bride and groom show their profiles, the body language is soft but structured.


6. The Peek

We love the sneak peek, such joy! The couple’s faces should be at a side angle to the camera, simply call out the bride or groom’s name and snap the shutter. Instant charm!

7. Follow Me

This one of the sweetest poses we love. It’s simple and joyful. The bride leads the groom to the next location. Take the photo from the groom’s perspective. Bonus points if you can get the sun setting in th distance.

8. The Lift and Laugh

We’re not going to lie, this one is tricky and it should be practiced before the big white dress is on! What a fun capture of the day,  just make sure the bride is comfortable and don’t hold it for too long.

bride and groom

9. The First Look

This perhaps, is the most single important pose that has come along this decade. It’s a semi-pose because it’s set up, but there should be no interference by the photographer. There’s a million different ways to pull off the first look, the main thing is to have a photographer capture the bride and groom’s initial reaction. Couples often opt for a fist look to capture the emotion and joy that only comes once in a marriage. Plus, a first look away from the guests means less jitters and butterflies when walking down the aisle!

10. The Selfie

Love it or not, but the selfie is here to stay. Have fun and take a photo of the couple taking a selfie. It’s the times, and can actually make a cute addition to their wedding album.

11. The Forehead Rest

This intimate moment is soft and serene. You don’t need to see the faces to see the couple is in love and cherishes each other. Throw the bouquet in one hand to lend a pop of color.

12. The Incognito

No private moments on the wedding day? That’s ok — make your own privacy screen with the bouquet. It’s a simple pose but a fun memento.

13. The Modern Portrait

Wedding couple portraits over the years always have the bride and groom standing facing the camera.  Typically, they stand close. However, putting just a little space between while holding hands shows off their personalities a little more.  If the bride is wearing a veil, have an assistant or someone from the wedding party throw it up in the air and run out of frame. It provides a dramatic element to the frame.


14. The Get Away 

So many details on the big day that we can’t forget about the wheels! Get as creative as you like and just remember the send off is the perfect way to end the wedding album! So make it unique and interesting as the couple.

bride and groom in car

15. And of course, the Sparkler Sendoff.

This is not a pose for those new to wedding photography. This requires a lot of set up, caution and expertise. But, when it’s done right, it’s spectacular! 

(If you’re still looking for more ideas and poses for brides, check out this blog post on Guide to Female Poses.  by Shotkit)

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